Home Automation- The Home Design Trend That’s Here to Stay

home automation

The concept of home automation design was limited to devices like security buzzer alarms that sound when they sense intrusions or power circuit failures, or programmable thermostats that controlled the surrounding temperature for HVAC systems. 


Smart trends are no longer limited to the most expensive homes or put off for an upgrade years from now—people are purchasing homes today with an eye toward the already installed smart home technology. 


Homeowners can expect a completely new level of luxury in HVAC for homes which assures comfort, convenience, and safety from their household appliances, though, if current trends in smart homes are to be studied. Due to the immense potential and promise of home automation, leading appliance manufacturers such as Samsung, Haier, LG, Sony, and Ericsson have already made inroads into this market. Here are some examples of these trends:


AI to rule


The majority of people are aware of at least some aspects of AI functionality because of voice assistants like Siri and Amazon Alexa. In-home automation systems and artificial intelligence keep getting better, comprehending commands more clearly and reacting in more appropriate ways. Smart home AI enables users to do a lot of tasks, like turning on and off lights, playing music, and updating to-do lists.


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home automation


Everything that is essentially in the world connected to the internet is still a difficult concept to grasp, but advancements in the field of smart homes are going to significantly influence the ease of living, especially in the areas of smart kitchens and bathrooms. Apart from the building construction materials, home automation ideas are also posing to be important in the modern home design world. 


Let’s go touchless


The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this trend, which had already begun to spread throughout the smart home market in 2020 and 2021. Touchless hand sanitizer dispensers are common in retail settings. Although they are probably not smart-enabled, the idea of touchless technology is becoming more and more popular.


One recent invention that allows visitors to announce their arrival without touching a communal surface and possibly spreading germs is the touchless doorbell. Naturally, a lot of home appliances can be operated by smartphone apps, which means that the person in charge only needs to touch their phone to operate the appliance and other home automation gadgets.


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Facial Technology is the savior 


The days of losing passcodes or fumbling for keys are long gone. Our ability to access and operate our homes is being revolutionized by facial recognition technology. We can now easily unlock doors, turn on lights, and keep an eye on security cameras with a glance.


Homeowners can feel even more secure with this practical and safe feature, which is growing in popularity in smart homes.


home automation


Save energy with smart lighting


One can save energy and money by adjusting the brightness and timing of your lights with smart lighting controls, which also improve the ambiance of your home. You can design a personalized lighting environment that fits into your daily schedule and encourages better sleep with features like automatic lights out and sunset lighting.


Additionally, smart bulbs can be used as a safety feature by turning on and off at predetermined times to create the appearance of an occupied home even when you're not there.


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Smart kitchens for fast functionality


Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, having smart appliances makes cooking and storing food more enjoyable and efficient than before. You may improve the quality of your cooking experience and make sure your kitchen is as smart as the rest of your house with advancements like temperature probe technology, smart cooktops, and refrigerators.


home automation


The purpose of smart appliances is to enhance and simplify people's lives. They provide you the convenience of being able to watch over and manage your kitchen from anywhere, all while saving you time and energy. with the appropriate intelligence.


Our homes might be completely transformed by home automation ideas, which would simplify and shorten daily chores. With only a push of a button, home automation gadgets allow us to effortlessly manage multiple aspects of our living area, including lighting fixtures and media delivery. Just like prefabricated housing, home automation techniques are planned just during the design plan. 


There are countless options! One may adapt your house to suit your tastes and way of life with a home automation system. If there’s the ability to program automated lighting schedules, control your home's temperature, and even manage your security, then there’s a lot of smart comfort in the house.


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