The Second COVID-19 Wave Changed My Life: Monika Shah from Maikasa & Mai Interior

It’s been 20 years since I’ve been working. After college and training have started with small projects, but the reality was at that time I did not know anything except designing. My material knowledge was zero. However, gradually, I started to learn a lot like how to deal with clients or carpenters, and how to lead the team in the right manner while executing the projects right. So, this is how I started steadily getting the projects, and the calculation started by god’s grace. 


Before marriage, I have done 30 to 35 projects including showrooms as well as hospitals, clinics, residences and many more. At that point, my main motto was to complete the work in less time because the family background was maybe I will get a chance after marriage or not. 

I got married in 2005 and shifted to Mumbai after completing all the Udaipur projects. Then after 6 to 7 months after shifting to Mumbai, I again decided to start the work and joined modular kitchen company as it was located nearby my house. 


It was then I got the opportunity to design a premium kitchen. My interior background helped me a lot during this stint and managed to deliver a product that makes the clients delighted. Later on, steadily my involvement got into showrooms as well.


And this helped me to develop my knowledge as well because I was traveling. And now again the life took a chance and I become mother and the circumstances made me to shift to Udaipur. The first projects in Udaipur were just to design a drawing room and living room because within this gap the Udaipur was on a different height, as when I left there were few in the field but after this long, the city has much more competitors, then the technology was also different so the restart in the city was difficult but did it and during this my family and husband were very supportive and because of this I started getting full house and bungalow projects along with this I have given my service around the city within 150 kilometers and still doing so. And now I don’t have any fear of travel as well and had done the projects nearby cities as well like Ahmedabad. 


As everything was going well but when the second wave of the pandemic came when everything was like has stopped during that time, I got a chance to analyze myself and think of doing something which can make people’s life easy and furniture is something which everybody needs in their houses, offices everywhere but within a particular time limit. Then we thought what about if we convert interior work into the modular concept and here my 20 years’ experience helped me in setting up my showroom and office and today, we offer the facility to our client which normally may take years. Some extra work on paper detailing and side by side we do the factory finish, pop work, flooring, lighting details as well and because of this process we give the result before the time which you can say takes a year to complete. It took a year to groom ourselves for the furniture business. We went to do an extensive market survey and got the surety that we can go ahead with this idea and started with our adored firm by the name “Maikasa” where Kasa means “Pavitra Dhatu”.   


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