Smart Design Conclave & Awards (SDCA) Bhubaneswar – Stood As A Beacon Of Architectural Brilliance, Innovation, And Recognition

Organised by Building Material Reporter (BMR) and curated by Prof. S S Ray, Director General, KIIT University, the SDCA marked a significant convergence of architectural excellence in the City Of Temples. 


The Smart Design Conclave & Awards, held at the Lemon Tree Premier, a 5-star venue in Bhubaneswar, on the 26th of April 2024, was a gathering of architectural luminaries, professionals, and enthusiasts, marking a celebration of innovation, creativity, and excellence in design. The event, a testament to the evolving landscape of design, unfolded as a day filled with insightful discussions, inspiring speeches, and the celebration of exceptional talent in the architectural realm.


The event commenced with the ceremonial Lamp Lighting by distinguished personalities, symbolising the enlightenment and illumination the conclave aimed to bring to the architectural discourse. Following this, Prof. S S Ray, the Director General of KIIT University, who is also the event's curator, delivered a warm Welcome Address, setting the tone for the day's proceedings.


Presentations by Brands

Adding vibrancy to the architectural event were the presentations by renowned brands which captivated the audience with insights into their portfolios of products, services, and cutting-edge launches. These presentations catalyzed thought and discussion, igniting inspiration among attendees and providing a glimpse into the future of architectural innovation.


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Keynote Address 

A highlight of the conclave was the keynote address delivered by Prof. Charanjit S Shah, the Founding Chairman of Creative Group, New Delhi. His profound insights into the transformative power of design resonated deeply, emphasising the crucial role of architects and designers in shaping a sustainable and equitable future. He emphasised that design can help in shaping our society and environment simply by incorporating the cultural touch.


Panel Discussion 

The Panel Discussion on ‘Design for Change’ was a riveting exchange steered by Ar. Rajkunwar Nayak, a distinguished Architect & Urban Planner. Comprising esteemed personalities such as Ar. Bankim Kalra, Mr. Himanshu Shekhar Khatua, Prof. Kajri Misra, Mr. Paresh Choudhury, Ar. Deepak Panda, and Ar. Krishnenedu Nandy, the panel represented a diverse spectrum of expertise including architecture, urban planning, filmmaking, and academia. Together, they delved deep into the multifaceted dimensions of design's pivotal role in tackling contemporary challenges. Their discussions not only illuminated the audience but also emphasised the transformative potential of design in catalysing positive societal change.


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The felicitation of all the speakers underscored their immense contributions to the conclave, acknowledging their role in enriching the architectural dialogue and inspiring future generations of designers. 


Recognition & Awards

The high point of the evening was the Recognition & Awards ceremony, where exemplary architects and designers were honoured across various categories for their outstanding contributions. From Hospitality to Institutional, Residential to Commercial, and Lifetime Achievement, each award category celebrated excellence and innovation in architectural design.

Hospitality: Ar. Atulya Suhula of Stratogem Architects

Residential (Architecture): Ar. Sabyasachi Mohanty, Evosis Designs

Institutional: Ar. Shailja Nair, Designers Forum

Commercial (Architecture): Ar. Bishnu Mohan Sinha & Ar. Namrata Prasad, Vastukar Architects & Project Consultants

Group Housing: Ar. Dilip Shah & Ar. Deepak Panda, Architects' Studio

Residential (Interior): Ar. Rudrasabitru Nayak, Rhythm Architects

Commercial (Interior): Ar. Sangram Mohanty, Notion.



Lifetime Achievement Award 


Following the bestowal of the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award upon Ar. Rabi Narayan Mohanty of Architects Collective, in recognition of his unparalleled contributions to the field of architecture, the event took on an emotional tone as he took the stage. His presence added a poignant touch to the proceedings as he seized the opportunity to share his invaluable perspectives on architecture and urban development. This impromptu addition further enriched the discourse, offering profound insights gleaned from a lifetime of dedication to the craft.


Gratitude to Our Sponsors

Furthermore, the success of the event was made possible by the generous support and partnership of our sponsors. New Mika as Surfaces Partner, Alstone Industries as Sustainable Facades Solutions Partner, Vox as Innovative Ceiling Partner, Gujarat Guardian as Knowledge Partner, LG-BNE as Associate Partner, Chimera Homes as Luxury Lighting Partner, Clay By Haique as Luxury Lifestyle Partner, and D’Decor as Furnishing Partner, their contributions played a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless execution and success of the conclave.


Their contributions not only facilitated the smooth execution of the event but also underscored their dedication to advancing the dialogue on sustainable and transformative design practices. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our sponsors for their invaluable partnership and unwavering commitment to the advancement of the architectural community.  



In addition to occasional networking breaks between sessions, the event culminated in a dedicated networking session. Attendees gathered over cocktails and dinner, seizing the opportunity to cultivate new connections and reminisce on the enriching experiences shared throughout the conclave.


In conclusion, the Smart Design Conclave & Awards in Bhubaneswar was a resounding success, serving as a platform for dialogue, inspiration, and celebration within the architectural community, fostering collaboration, innovation, and excellence in the realm of architecture and design, and leaving an indelible mark on all those who participated.


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