Architect Abhishek Bij, Design Plus Architecture

Architect Abhishek Bij

Ar. Abhishek Bij, Design Plus Architecture 


Whenever a new product is introduced, like faucet with sensor, which allows flow of water for specified duration, that’s simply awesome, especially because it saves water. On the contrary, when these products become a part of our lifestyle, the functions attached to it become gimmicks, which the tech-savvy new generation loves to play with. In 90% of the cases, these features are shrouded as noble which isn’t true. After all, it’s business with secured future! I am sure that the generations to come would love to opt such feature-rich bathroom products.


Talking of secure future, SMARTEX--the coming two-day (February 10-11) conference and symposium, that brings many architects, designers, and product makers, on a common platform, and which seeks to start a meaningful dialogue--is the right step towards creating a model for a secure future. I feel proud to be a part of the super event and am excited to make it memorable.

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