We Should Learn to Un-build, Says Prof. Manoj Mathur

Prof. Manoj Mathur

At the recently held SmartEx Conference and Expo Prof. Manoj Mathur the veteran practicing architect-designer and the Prof. of the New Delhi-based School of Planning & Architecture had several ‘pearls of wisdom’ to share from his experiences gained over the course of his long, illustrious career, particularly on how architecture should be perceived and what should be the responsibilities of the involved parties.


The speech that he delivered, at the SmartEx platform, at Pride Plaza Hotel, Delhi, was one of the key highlights of the event. So, no wonder, the hotel’s auditorium, where he delivered his talk, was jam-packed at the time with numerous renowned and respected architects and designers.


Prof. Manoj Mathur – one of the finest and most experienced architects – mesmerised the gathering of eminent architects and designers and influencers, besides the representatives of several brands–including Haier, Lingel, Duro, Sakarni, Durian, Unicrete, and KEI–with his deep knowledge and views.


Prof. Manoj Mathur

The AIIMS Flyover, New Delhi


In his absorbing keynote address, he also pointed out that we must set our goals to develop a brighter building eco-system with greater efficiency.




The topic he chose to speak on was “Learning to Un-build: Towards a Smarter Use of Building Material Resources”. He said “we should learn to un-build”. He explained painstakingly why and how we should do so. In his drawn-out address, with the help of some realistic examples, he touched upon vital points like if architecture needs architects, what are the responsibilities of society, and what should be the way forward with the rapidly increasing usage of technology. 


Prof. Manoj Mathur


While focusing on “Learning to Un-build” he also dwelt on the topic “Is the architect-designer community responsible for the rising pollution in Delhi/NCR?”  Though he didn’t blame the community directly or explicitly, he wasn’t too kind to those who, he alleged, leave mountains of debris–just for the sake of making new buildings and structures.


He also spoke about the use of old/abandoned buildings and structures for commercial and other purposes, provided, of course, they are still fit for the purpose, to save the environment by  not demolishing such structures unnecessarily, just for the sake of erecting new ones over the demolished ones.  


Prof. Manoj Mathur




Prof. Mathur also spoke about the rampant and reckless extraction of minerals and other precious resources for various purposes that he said was damaging the environment and disturbing the delicate eco-system of many nations. He said that the need of the hour was to cut down new extractions from the earth to preserve and maintain the eco system and save it from further harm.   




Coming back to the distinguished Prof.’s profile, he is one of the highly passionate and committed-to-his-job professionals. He has a diverse portfolio of projects in public-oriented architecture. This includes commercial, education, health-care, group housing, infrastructure, and entertainment.


Prof. Manoj Mathur

Sai Baba Temple Complex, Shirdi


He is best known for designing many prize-winning public projects, such as the Sai Baba Temple Complex, Shirdi; the AIIMS Flyover, New Delhi; and the FDDI, Noida. But, what sets Prof. Manoj Mathur apart from other professionals from his field is that, unlike most others, he designs structures which are purposeful and serves the needs of the users in the best possible way.


No surprise, for his outstanding works and contributions to the profession, and the subject of architecture he is respected by all–especially by the architect and designer community.  

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