Laurels To The Ladies BMR Celebrating

BMR proudly presents a Special Editorial Feature in honour of International Women's Day, highlighting the remarkable power, creativity, and influence of women in design. Join us as we celebrate the outstanding efforts and successes of these visionary designers through our philosophy of Share, Learn, and Innovate.


“In the realm of architecture, my work unfolds as a symphony of innovation, harmonizing form and function to orchestrate spaces that captivate the spirit of their surroundings”.



"In the realm of architectural imagination and creativity, my potential knows no bounds. Success in my journey is gauged by the expansive dreams I pursue, undeterred by considerations of gender or ethnicity, resonating with the enduring essence of timeless designs".



“Doing it by hand means doing it slowly.

doing it slowly is feeling it,

to feel it is to appropriate it

to appropriate it is to love it,

to love it is to share it

sharing it is knitting it

to weave it is to restore it,

to restore it is to inhabit it,

inhabiting it is expanding our heartbeats

to do it together is to increase the scale on which they are perceived;

love us.”


“The design should reflect its time, place and people; but the desire for timelessness”


      “Be you. They will adjust. Or not.”


“ If you set your mind on something with a clear vision and self-belief then no goal seems too far and that confidence is what takes you on the path of glory and great success .”


“To set one's own standards high and keep pushing that need be the only challenge that drives one. This attitude can achieve great things.”


“A good design demands sustainability, and it's not a choice! Be it through the materials, resources, or time.”


“What I think I create!”


For me, design is not just about aesthetics; it's a journey of exploration and discovery, where every object tells a story waiting to be unveiled.”


“ When design goes beyond aesthetics and influences your lifestyle, you've succeeded as a designer “



“Our mantra has always been that ‘free advice has no value’ and there is no value without the right attitude, approach, thinking, and ethics. These very principles have guided us throughout our professional journey. The business end is always taken care of if adherence to principles is not compromised. Accordingly, to be honest, our USP is that our fee is a small fraction of the savings we ensure for our clients rather than coming out of their pockets.”


“Let in light and nature, and each space will be worthy.”


“Designing timeless spaces on a budget!”


"Architecture like storytelling should evolve with time and age for the community to grow."


“From conceptualizing architectural masterpieces to curating interior spaces, our role is to transform aspirations into tangible, aesthetically pleasing realities, where every detail is a brushstroke in the canvas of thoughtful design."


The bridges of success and failures can only be crossed with a constant portion of courage and belief”


“Regardless of my gender or ethnicity, I believe in the boundless power of my dreams. They fuel my journey, driving me to push boundaries, defy stereotypes, and create a future where success knows no limits.”

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