Enhance the Vastu of your space this Diwali with these top ideas


The Diwali festival is all about worship, prayers, sweets, lights, decorations, and wishes. Whether its Diwali or any other occasion, cleanliness and appropriate lighting have been highly valued aspects of worship in Vastu. This entails repainting the house, keeping it tidy and adorning it to give it a fresh appearance, lighting diyas, and utilizing antiques and other decorative pieces to spruce it up and bring prosperity, serenity, happiness, and advancement into your life. 

People adhere to Vastu Shastra tips for their homes during this time of year to welcome good luck, and prosperity. The age-old architectural science known as Vastu Shastra aids in enhancing positive energy and removing negative energy from our homes. While people celebrate Diwali according to a variety of customs, they can make the most of this auspicious occasion by implementing these easy Vastu tips for homes:


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There's something about Diwali that makes families feel so happy and joyous. The field of building construction and architecture is nowhere spared when it comes to the implementation of ideas related to Vastu. Here are some vastu diwali tips to help you attract wealth and prosperity on this auspicious occasion.


Construction as per the directions


The orientation of the building's construction structure with respect to the cardinal directions is one of the most important aspects of Vastu. According to the Vastu tips for diwali, the primary entrance of a house should face either the east or the north, as these orientations attract positive energy and enhance well-being. This belief is based on the notion that the morning and afternoon sun can bring positive energy into a home, and that the east and north are lucky directions.



Color Scheme is a must

Make sure the house is painted in cheerful, light hues. One neutral paint color can be used to cover the entire house, with a few walls accented with Vastu colors—light blues and greens for the north, greens and orange for the east, or pinks and peaches for the south. The southwest is best represented by yellow and gold, while the west can benefit from greys and blues.



Do not light coloured lights at random places, anywhere in the house. Choose your lamp colours according to Vastu. Hues of blue or white lamps are auspicious in the north, dark blue tinge in the west, pink or red in the south, and orange or green in the east. Do not light lamps in the southwest corner of your house, or use only earthen diyas or yellow candles here.


Prioritize the kitchen look


Agni, the Lord of Fire, rules the southeast direction of dwellings in Vastu Shastra, the architectural design system. In building construction, the kitchen should never be positioned in the north, north-east, or east. Additionally, it's best to keep your stove away from the water sink. Make sure your kitchen never shares a wall with the bathroom and avoid having it face that direction. 



For a better kitchen Vastu, place the gas burner in the east, south, west, and northwest directions of the apartment. If you're cooking, face east or south according to the flat Vastu rules. If the kitchen is located in the east or south of the apartment, it is never a good idea to choose blue or black for the slab. This Diwali, think of adding some orange lights in the kitchen space and keep your slab clean to welcome positivity in the house. 


Dejunk this Diwali


Get rid of the outdated, useless items in your house because they block the flow of good energy. For vastu tips for diwali this season, tidy and clean the shelves and other spaces in your house. It will also disperse stagnant energy and clear the path for prosperity. It is imperative to maintain a clean and organized home during the holiday season. By doing this, any bad energy will be released and replaced with positive energy. Positive energy can only come into an environment that has been cleared of clutter. Given that the north and north-east directions of your home are linked to prosperity and wealth, pay close attention to these directions.



Highlight the entryway


The entryway is given utmost priority in modern day building construction and architecture. This Diwali, make sure the entryway is appropriate and well lit. Make your entrance symmetrically beautiful with good flooring and wall design. Additionally, you can set up flower pots or planters on either side of the front door. Do check if the door makes any creaky noises. To make it appear lovely and inviting, you can create a rangoli—a pattern drawn on the ground, usually outside of houses, using powdered colors and finely ground rice powder.


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Finally, but just as importantly, it makes sense to have a fountain or other source of running water in your house, especially in the Brahmasthan. Flowing water has the power to absorb negativity and carry it with it, according to Vastu Shastra. Install a little water fountain facing the house's northeast or a copper urli with water and flowers. Additionally, fresh water is seen as a representation of health. Whether it's vastu for dining or vastu for kitchen, the overall positivity of the space matters a lot. Building Material Reporter is here to guide you this Diwali to invoke the essence of prosperity and positivity in the house. Keep following us for more building construction and architectural design updates. 

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