5 Smart Design Ideas for Small Houses

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At a time when we don’t have much space and our homes have become pretty small in size, going for tiny or small home designs is a good idea and the need of the hour. With clever planning and right imagination-- and, of course, out-of-the-box house design strategies--you can have a cozy and comfortable space even when your home is quite tiny, but how?

Let’s figure it out!


5 Smart Small House Design Ideas


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1. Go for New Storage Solutions: Storage and cabinets often take a lot of space in our house. It may not be possible to have them, especially when your house is rather small. You have important and valuable stuff to keep and tucked away neatly and securely away from dust, right? 


What to do in such a scene?  Well, become innovative and use new storage and cabinetry solutions. For example, have storage spaces under your bed and table. Also, go for ceiling hanging solutions. This way, you can free-up your space inside your house and get excellent and aesthetic storage solutions, too.


2. Use Foldable and Portable Furniture: Wall mounted desks, and foldaway furniture/fixtures can help here. Frequently, heavy un-foldable, un-collapsible furniture and fixtures take a lot of space in your house. Further, you may not be using certain big objects--like beds and dining tables, for example—for a greater part of the day. 


In such a situation, go for tables and beds that you can fold easily and stack away neatly, freeing your precious space for use for some other important purposes and making your tiny house look pretty large and comfortable.


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3. Set up Mirrors at Strategic Places: Put mirrors at strategic spots in your house, preferably before large windows, so that the rays of the sun get reflected on them and the reflecting rays and light create an illusion of a large space in your house in spite of the restricted square footage.


4. Use Sliding Doors and Windows: Free up enormous space in your tiny house by using sliding doors and windows. As the panes of windows or doors don’t have to fling either inwards or outwards, you will end up saving lots of valuable space for other purposes, thus. For example, you can use the space saved to place your study table with a chair.


5. Use A Suitable Colour Pattern: The right and clever colour pattern can dramatically affect the visual appeal and also create an illusion of largeness in your small house. Go for light shades of white, blue, green, or yellow to create a good impact and an impression of a much larger living space in your small house.


Wrapping Up


New storage solutions, foldable and portable furniture, mirrors at strategic places, sliding doors and windows, suitable colour scheme…these 5 smart small house design ideas can help you create an illusion of space and largeness even inside your tiny house.  For more such ideas, check with an expert and experienced interior designer, especially the one who specializes in designing small houses.


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