PM Inaugurates Surat Diamond Bourse ‘World’s Largest Office Building’

The largest and most contemporary hub for the global diamond and jewelry trade, the Surat Diamond Bourse, is a symbol of the resolve and strength of the new India, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday.


During his visit, Modi opened the new integrated terminal of the city's international airport as well as the Surat Diamond Bourse in Gujarat. Later, during a speech to a crowd, Modi stated that the Surat diamond industry is employing 8 lakh people and that the new bourse will create an additional 1.5 lakh job opportunities.


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"One more diamond is added to Surat's grandeur. The diamond is not small but the world's best. Even the biggest buildings of the world pale before the glint of this diamond," he said. "Whenever one talks about this diamond bourse in the world, Surat and India will be mentioned," the PM said. 


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The building is the epitome of of the creativity and hard work of Indian design, designers, material and concept. "This building is the symbol of new strength and determination of new India," he said. Additionally, according to Modi, the airport in Surat now has international status. Situated in Khajod village near Surat city, the Surat Diamond Bourse (SDB) building is the largest office complex in the world, spanning over 67 lakh square feet of floor area.


According to an official statement, it will be a global hub for the trading of jewelry and polished and unpolished diamonds. As per the recent statement released by SDB's media convener Dinesh Navadiya, a number of diamond traders, including those who were previously based in Mumbai, have already taken possession of their offices that were assigned by the management following an auction.


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 According to a release, the SDB has 4,500 diamond trading offices. Constructed on a 35.54-acre plot within Dream City and also the smart city, the massive building features nine 15 floors housing office spaces ranging in size from 300 square feet to one lakh square feet. Notably, Director of Kiran Gems and billionaire diamond trader Vallabhbhai Lakhani moved his Rs 17,000-crore company to Diamond Bourse and is building a mini-township to house his employees.

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