RANext Is Here To Pioneer The Future Of Smart Buildings

RANext, a leading digital solutions company is revolutionizing the landscape of smart buildings and urban development with its innovative Neutral Optical Fibre Infrastructure- NNI. This cutting-edge infrastructure is rapidly transforming living and working complexes making them smarter and more secure.


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RANext’s revolutionary approach centers on its Neutral Network Infrastructure, which provides a robust foundation for digital excellence. This infrastructure offers a myriad of choices for broadband and leased line requirements from multiple service providers, driving seamless connectivity and communication within residential and commercial complexes avoiding multiple networks, clutter of wires in the building and complexity of  networks. As a part of the Space World Group, RANext provides smart end-to-end solutions, from technical consultation and design to installation, operation, and maintenance.


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Committed to meeting the growing demand for digitization, RANext is creating a Neutral OFC Infrastructure that supports next-generation seamless communication services and smart building solutions for tech-savvy customers. Their services cater to multiple sectors, including Telecom Service Providers, ISPs, Entertainment, Security Surveillance, iBMS, IoT, iTES, and other non-Telco services for home and building management in both residential and commercial setups.


With the introduction of Digital-out-of-home (DOOH) facilities, RANext has added another layer to the ecosystem living. High resolution digital video walls , pillar wraps and digital screens enhance overall experience to its users and also adds value to the building through its 24x7 content options from relevant industries for residential , commercial and shopping malls. RANext is not just a player in the digital solution sector; it is a catalyst driving the evolution of smart buildings transforming how we experience urban environments either we live, work, or play.


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