Simola Group Outshines in Surat Diamond Bourse Project, Gujarat


December 17, 2023 saw the groundbreaking event- the opening of Surat Diamond Bourse (World’s Largest Office Building) by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which also reflected the nuances of Indian architecture. This enormous building, which surpasses the Pentagon in grandeur, is a representation of excellence and innovation. 


The noteworthy contribution of Morbi's Simola Group, a company that not only provided over 95% of the tiles for this project but has also established itself as a global brand synonymous with quality and design, elevates this accomplishment to even greater heights.




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Established in 2009, the Simola Group has rapidly established a distinct identity in 32 countries worldwide, driven by the visionary leadership of Managing Director Mr. Rajesh Shirvi and the strategic guidance of Marketing Directors Mr. Rajesh Desai and Mr. Rajesh Vasanani. The Surat Diamond Bourse project, which required ongoing plant upgrades for new sizes and improved product development, is evidence of the company's dedication to upholding international standards.


Not only did the company provide over 90% of the tiles for the Surat Diamond Bourse project but it also conquered the challenge of upholding international standards of quality in such a massive undertaking. Mr. Rajesh Shirvi expressed his gratitude for being chosen for this historic project in their home state and emphasized their commitment to manufacturing tiles that meet high international standards.




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He said, "Simola Group manufactures tiles of international standard, and we were chosen for such a big iconic project of the home state SDB. I am very thankful to the group. We have worked as expected by the group and also developed new products for SDB's needs." 


Simola Group credits its success, above and beyond the caliber of its goods, to the collaborative spirit that permeates every level of the company, from management to staff. The business fosters an atmosphere where people are inspired to contribute to the overall success of the company by operating with a familial ethos.


Mr. Rajesh Shirvi feels that the success of Simola Company can be attributed to the devotion of each and every member, from the smallest worker to the managing director. With more than 200 employees, the company has won awards like the Star Expert House Award, which is a testament to the effort and commitment of its staff.




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Simola Group's impact extends beyond the Surat Diamond Bourse project, having supplied large quantities of tiles to major companies like Reliance, Infosys, and NCC. Their market position as tiles showroom in India, is further cemented by ongoing projects with leading builders in cities such as Surat, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Delhi.


Simola Group's journey from Morbi to the world remains remarkable as they continue to prioritize export demands for porcelain, both indoors and outdoors. 




The Simola Group's story is about more than just providing tiles; it's a tale of success, style, and excellence in crafting that has an international appeal. The brand can meet global customer demands in the years to come and make a lasting impact on the tile manufacturing industry.

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