Knauf India Hosts Successful Architectural Conclave in Chandigarh


Knauf India, a leading provider of advanced building solutions, proudly announced the triumphant conclusion of its 'Architectural Conclave' recently, at the JW Marriott in Chandigarh. The event served as a dynamic hub for architectural luminaries, fostering dialogue, innovation, and sustainability in contemporary building practices.


Distinguished architects and industry leaders, including Mrs. Madhu Garg, CEO & Founder of Creative Consortium; Rahul Vig, Senior Architect at Charged Voids; Saurabh Thapar, Principal Architect at Thapar and Associates; Anil Kumar Wali, Chief Architect, Deptt. of Architecture Haryana; and Abha Sharma, Senior Architect, Deptt. of Architecture Punjab, convened to explore the evolving dynamics of architectural design and the integration of cutting-edge building solutions.


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The conclave showcased Knauf India's latest innovations, demonstrating the company's commitment to enhancing modern construction practices. Highlights included the unveiling of a curved wall utilizing Knauf's Aquapanel technology, which offers superior structural stability and flexibility for creative architectural designs. Additionally, advanced drywall solutions and ceiling systems showcased Knauf's focus on safety, durability, and aesthetic appeal in today's architectural landscape.


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Mr. Sumit Bidani, CEO of Knauf India, expressed his delight at the success of the conclave, stating, "We are thrilled with the positive response to our Architectural Conclave in Chandigarh. This event exemplifies our dedication to fostering innovation and sustainability within the architectural community. We believe in pushing the boundaries of traditional practices to create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also safe, efficient, and environmentally conscious."



Knauf India took center stage to unveil a range of their latest building innovations, each designed to enhance modern construction practices. The showcase included:

Curved wall utilizing Knauf's Aquapanel technology: This innovative solution offers superior structural stability and flexibility, making it ideal for creating unique and visually striking architectural designs. Particularly notable is its application in exterior settings, where its durability and versatility come to the forefront.

● Advanced drywall solutions: Knauf's fire-rated and wet area drywalls integrated with Securock boards were on display, highlighting the company's focus on safety and durability in moisture-prone environments. These solutions are especially effective for supporting marble cladding and lacquered glass cladding, adding to their versatility and appeal in high-end finishes.

● Comprehensive ceiling solutions: Knauf showcased a two-hour fire-rated ceiling system, versatile grid ceilings, and Danoline acoustic ceilings, demonstrating their commitment to providing both aesthetic appeal and exceptional sound absorption and fire protection.


During the event, Mr KK Sirpal, Director of Sectoral Solutions and Skill Building at Knauf India, delivered an enlightening session on the advanced capabilities of Drywall Solutions. Mr. Sirpal, who has been instrumental in launching innovative products such as Durock Next Gen e+, Fiberock ATAR, and Sheetrock Plasterboards, shared insights into the practical and technical benefits of Knauf's drywall systems. These systems are designed for both interior and exterior applications, catering to a wide range of construction needs, from fire resistance and acoustics to aesthetic finishes. His session highlighted the versatility and efficiency of Knauf's drywall solutions, illustrating their pivotal role in modern construction practices.


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Attendees lauded Knauf's commitment to sustainable and functional design, with Mrs. Madhu Garg commenting, "Knauf's commitment to sustainable and functional design is evident in their products, particularly the Aquapanel, which allows for flexibility in design without compromising on durability. Their advanced solutions not only meet the modern demands of architecture but inspire new creative possibilities."



Rahul Vig added, "The range of advanced building materials showcased, especially the fire-rated and acoustic ceiling solutions, directly addresses the core challenges we face in contemporary construction. Knauf's dedication to enhancing building safety and efficiency through innovation is commendable. Their systems are not just products; they are integral components that elevate our architectural projects to the next level."


Saurabh Thapar remarked, "The conclave highlighted Knauf's pivotal role in setting new benchmarks for the construction industry. The detailed presentation on gypsum-based solutions particularly struck a chord with me. It showcased how these materials can significantly enhance fire safety and acoustic performance in buildings. Knauf's products are designed with the architect's needs in mind, facilitating more resilient and adaptable construction practices."


About the Company


The Knauf Architectural Conclave served as a valuable platform not only to showcase cutting-edge building solutions but also to foster a vibrant exchange of ideas and encourage future collaborations within the architectural community. The event successfully pushed the boundaries of architectural possibilities and positioned Knauf India as a frontrunner in shaping the future of sustainable and innovative building practices.


For more information about Knauf India and its innovative building solutions, please visit Knauf India's website or contact the Knauf India office.



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