World Habitat Awards 2024 - Celebrate Transformative Housing Initiatives

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The World Habitat Awards 2024, presented by the international non-profit organisation World Habitat in collaboration with UN-Habitat, aims to showcase innovative projects that exemplify groundbreaking strategies in housing. These initiatives specifically emphasise integrating climate change adaptation principles and community-driven solutions. In the latest edition, eight outstanding projects were chosen for recognition, with two of them receiving the prestigious Gold World Habitat Award. This acknowledgement highlights the commitment and success of these projects in redefining housing approaches for a sustainable and community-centric future.


Gold World Habitat Awards 2024 Winners


Housing Rights in Jakarta: Collective Action and Policy Advocacy

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In Jakarta, Indonesia, an exceptional project spearheaded by informal settlement (kampung) residents has earned the prestigious Gold World Habitat Award, recognizing its compelling narrative of community resilience and unified action. Despite the persistent challenge of potential forced evictions, these kampung communities, in collaboration with grassroots organizations, have effectively resisted and affirmed their housing rights. Their collective endeavors have not only prevented evictions but have also facilitated the return of displaced families to their homes. Furthermore, the impact extends to city-wide regulatory changes that now provide protective measures for all kampung residents, shielding them from the threat of forced evictions.


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Energiesprong: Revolutionizing Home Retrofitting

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Energiesprong, a groundbreaking initiative from the Netherlands, has secured a Gold World Habitat Award in recognition of its revolutionary method for deep net-zero retrofitting. This cutting-edge approach incorporates prefabricated insulated wall and roof panels, coupled with a suite of intelligent green technologies, resulting in an impressive 70-80% reduction in a building's energy consumption. Since its establishment in 2011, Energiesprong has successfully executed over 10,000 projects, predominantly in the realm of social housing, spanning seven countries in Europe and North America. This accomplishment highlights the project's significant impact on energy efficiency and sustainable retrofitting practices.


“Both initiatives represent a strong innovative response to two overlapping challenges, including housing and climate change. Going beyond a vision of housing as four walls and a roof, they touch upon social justice, human rights, and community empowerment. – Maimunah Mohd Sharif, UN-Habitat Executive Director and a final judge of the World Habitat Awards“


Silver World Habitat Award 2024 Winners 

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A Rural Habitability Programme launched by the Chilean Government addresses critical housing needs in remote communities throughout the country. Since its inception, the program has significantly enhanced the lives of over 40,000 individuals by constructing or refurbishing more than 10,000 homes in these remote Chilean areas.

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The second Silver Award recipient is La Ciguë, a student housing cooperative based in Geneva, Switzerland, with a mission to offer affordable student housing. Established in 1986, the program has steadily expanded its housing portfolio and currently manages nearly 740 rooms across the city, providing valuable financial relief to students in need. These initiatives, recognized with the silver medal, exemplify impactful contributions to housing solutions in diverse contexts.


Bronze World Habitat Award Winners


The CO-HATY Emergency Housing Project in Ukraine 

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The CO-HATY Emergency Housing Project in Ukraine has earned recognition in this year's awards for its inventive strategy in addressing the shelter needs of internally displaced people (IDPs). This initiative involves repurposing abandoned buildings into temporary accommodations for IDPs, offering a crucial lifeline in a country facing the challenges of an ongoing war and a severe shortage of affordable housing.


The DARAJA Weather Forecasting Service in Kenya and Tanzania

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The DARAJA Weather Forecasting Service in Kenya and Tanzania is being honoured for its innovative approach to saving lives in informal settlements by preparing residents for extreme weather events. Through regular and reliable weather information and accessible response actions, the service empowers communities to anticipate and respond to the increasing incidents of extreme weather events attributed to climate change.


Berlin's Nettelbeckplatz Affordable Housing

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Berlin's Nettelbeckplatz affordable housing estate is being recognized for its outstanding transformation from an ageing residential complex into a vibrant and sustainable community. This project revitalizes the building with energy-efficient measures, enhanced accessibility, and a diverse mix of residents, contributing to a sustainable and affordable housing solution in Berlin.


New Ground Cohousing Community

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The UK's New Ground Cohousing Community, the first cohousing community for women, has been awarded a Bronze Award for its pioneering model of community living designed to provide a supportive environment for older adults. This innovative approach allows older individuals to thrive and age with dignity, marking a significant contribution to community-based living solutions.


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