Echon Expands Domestic Distribution in India


Echon, a globally recognized manufacturer of innovative building materials for home interiors, exteriors, and signage, announces its strategic expansion into the Indian market. With over 25 years of international experience and a robust global presence, Echon aims to revolutionize India's construction and home improvement sectors with eco-friendly and cutting-edge solutions.


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Echon's structured five-phase expansion into India marks the beginning of an extensive distribution network starting from Gujarat. The company is poised to cater to the evolving needs of Indian consumers across residential, commercial, and industrial segments. Central to this launch is the introduction of its flagship product, ‘Masterboard’, designed to redefine standards in construction, renovation, and signage solutions. These offerings emphasize durability, cost-effectiveness, and modern design, addressing the burgeoning demand in India's real estate and infrastructure sectors.


Mr. Shubham Taylia, Managing Director at Echon, highlighted the commitment to leveraging India's manufacturing capabilities while serving global markets. "Echon is proud to be one of India's largest exporters in our category, supplying premium products to leading retailers and distributors worldwide," he stated. "With sustained double-digit growth and state-of-the-art technology, we have established ourselves as a dependable leader. Our expansion in India underscores our dedication to quality and innovation. Echon serves best-in-class global multi-billion MNC retailers and distributors while sourcing raw materials from global leaders. We consistently produce world-class products through long-serving leadership talent, some with the company for 15 to 25 years, creating a product portfolio that started with only 10 SKUs in 1998 and now exceeds 900 SKUs developed based on customer demand and ongoing innovation, which Echon delivers with shortest turnaround times, a key strength of Echon."


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Echon's strategic focus includes  building a robust distribution network across India, ensuring widespread availability of its comprehensive product range from doors, wall panels, and 'Masterboard' to ceilings and signage solutions. This initiative aims to empower architects, interior designers, contractors, builders, carpenters, and construction firms with superior building materials and signage solutions. Echon also holds a world record for its CSR program "Save a Life," achieving social media success.


Any business litmus test of a good team, products, and experience is how consistently profitable the organization is. Echon is not only a debt-free company with cash reserves, showing an exceptionally strong financial position to capitalize on future growth possibilities, reflecting efficient use of capital. The 60% plus year-over-year growth from 2022 to 2023 reflects Echon's strategic initiatives and market expansion capabilities with customer acceptance of its value proposition and excellent quality.


About the Brand 


Echon is India’s foremost manufacturer of PVC building materials and signage, boasting over 25 years of global expertise. Renowned for its advanced technology and diverse product portfolio, Echon offers unparalleled quality across interior and exterior applications. The company is celebrated for its extensive in-house fabrication capabilities and commitment to sustainable practices.



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