Essential Office Furniture for Creating a Complete and Luxurious Workspace

Widest range of office furniture


Dash Square is a pioneer in the luxury furniture industry that brings ultra-modern yet classically designed furniture, upholstery, artifacts and home decor concepts to the Indian market. Dash Square has the widest range of furniture, be it in price, styles or material compositions. They have collaborated with some of the finest and leading designer brands from Europe, America and Asia like Ashley Furniture, KUKA HOME, Natuzzi Editions and Scavolini, to offer some of the finest furniture in the world.


Office furniture design that elevates the work experience


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Dash Square brings a new and refined collection of office furniture design to elevate the work experience and office trends. To meet the standards of professional and office spaces, The brand introduces a range of comforting furniture to best suit the working atmosphere. From minimal design which aligns with the peaceful work environment to the contemporary look of it. The latest set serves the overall need for a sophisticated workspace. The sturdy and polished look adds detail to your standard  environment.


Contemporary designs with ergonomics


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The collection of office furniture includes a large wooden conference table with a natural, live-edge design. This adds a rustic yet modern aesthetic, providing a sturdy and spacious area for meetings. The table is surrounded by ergonomic office chairs with a contemporary design. They feature padded seats and backrests, providing comfort for prolonged meetings. The chairs have casters for easy movement and height adjustment mechanisms. Moreover, a comfortable green recliner is placed to one side, providing a space for relaxation or casual reading.


Designs that depict harmony and balance 



The symmetrical design depicts balance and harmony in the workspace, the set up blends functionality with modern design, creating conducive environments for productivity and comfort in an office setting.


About Dash Square:


Dash Square began under their flagship brand "Looking Good Furniture", in 2001. Being one of the pioneers in introducing affordable luxury furniture in South India, Dash Square took on the heritage of Looking Good Furniture and built on it to create a brand that brings ultra-modern yet classically designed furniture, artefacts and home decor concepts.


Dash Square has curated a collection of variety furniture and a wide range of interior furnishings be it in price, style or material composition. They have collaborated with some of the finest and leading designer brands from Europe, America and Asia, like Ashley Furniture from the US, KUKA HOME from China and Natuzzi and Scavolini from Italy, to offer some of the finest furniture in the world. Dash Square has become a household brand and the one-stop shop for designers and homeowners alike.



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