Karan Desai and Serafini Collaborate For An Exclusive Product Debut


Karan Desai, celebrated architect and designer known for his unique narrative-driven approach, announces his collaboration with Serafini for an exclusive product debut, the ‘Chaise Lounge’, launching at Fuori Salone 2024. Motivated by his profound passion for storytelling and design, Karan Desai has consistently strived to create experiences that connect with his clients’ aspirations, lifestyle, and individual style trends choices. This partnership makes him one of the very few Indian designers and the only young designer picked up by an Italian brand for a collaboration, representing India on an international platform.



Karan Desai first crossed paths with Alessandro, the creative force behind Serafini, during the Salone fair in Milan in 2013. Ever since, he closely followed the brand, observing their impressive evolution from producing washbasins to diversifying into furniture pieces and shaping collaborations with esteemed Italian brands.


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The seeds of collaboration were sown when Karan’s work caught Alessandro’s attention on Instagram, sparking a dialogue that translated into extraordinary partnership. Over the past two years, Karan and Alessandro exchanged ideas, sketches, and renders, meticulously crafting a stunning product set to debut this year.



Crafted from luxurious marble, the chaise lounge features three distinct compartments designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. From a comfortable seating depression to a flat surface for essentials and a built-in vessel for plants, every detail is added to enhance the user experience. The chaise lounge features a meticulously sculpted contour, ensuring optimal ergonomic support while exuding a sense of timeless sophistication. A flat surface seamlessly integrated into the design provides convenient storage for essentials, while a built-in vessel offers versatility for plant adornment or ambient lighting. The furniture design employs a horseshoe curve and ergonomic seating. 



With its organic form and sleek design, the chaise lounge beckons you to indulge in unparalleled comfort and sophistication. Each curve is a testament to the seamless fusion of artistry and craftsmanship, inviting you to immerse yourself in a world of timeless beauty. Whether adorning a sunlit terrace or a lavish foyer, this iconic piece transcends boundaries, offering a sanctuary of serenity and style.




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The design journey presented its fair share of challenges, from ensuring the durability of the structure to preserving its elegant aesthetics. However, through teamwork and creative problem-solving, Karan and team Serafini tackled each obstacle head-on.


From the initial concept to the final creation, this process reflects collaborative strength and the endless potential of imaginative minds. 



As the eagerly awaited debut at Fuori Salone 2024 approaches, excitement mounts for the unveiling of the dynamic collaboration between Karan Desai and Serafini.


About the Brand


Architect and Designer Karan Desai founded a sister firm Karan Desai Home to custom design furniture, décor objects and lights to impart his interior projects a signature style. Soon, the firm evolved to create designs that went on to receive accolades at design fairs. Karan enjoys exploring innovative ways of using materials to achieve never-before-seen styles that set apart the interiors they occupy.

“Designing something exclusive and unusual helps me infuse a creative edge into the projects, which in turn translates into unique experiences for my clients,” says the Founder and Principal of Karan Desai: Architecture + Design. 


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