Shuchita's Latest Collection is Here

As the summer sun embraces us, vVyom By Shuchita, a renowned brand in home furnishings, shares some fun and vibrant approaches to poolside styling for the ultimate relaxation and style experience.


With an exquisite blend of colours and luxurious fabrics, vVyom By Shuchita introduces a new paradigm in poolside aesthetics, combining comfort, elegance, and functionality.


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Start with an array of cushions adorned in hues of yellow, blue, orange, lavender, and gold. Crafted from luxurious fabrics like a Silk, Cotton Blend or delicately embroidered, these cushions will transform your space to an art form, offering both style and comfort to poolside lounging.


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To complement the cushions, add in aluminium trays inspired by motifs and colours drawn from the enchanting Himalayan Butterflies, Saffron Genda, Hibiscus, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. These will not only serve as functional accessories but also add a touch of sophistication and whimsy to the poolside setting.


Adding to this allure, opt for bamboo table runners and exquisite napkins crafted from linen and cotton. This eco-friendly addition infuses a natural charm into the space, creating a serene ambiance perfect for unwinding under the summer sky.


For the finishing touch with furnishings, add some coasters crafted from mushroom silk, cotton velvet, and cane. Opting for cool colours to tie all elements together, these coasters not only protect surfaces but also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the poolside retreat.


Experience the epitome of poolside luxury with vVyom By Shuchita's tips, and discover their exclusive range of furnishings and accessories to transform your outdoor space into a haven of relaxation and style.


About the Brand

vVyom By Shuchita was founded in Jaipur by artist and designer Shuchita Sancheti Garg in 2018 after she graduated from Parsons, New York, with a degree in Interior Design. The name of the label translates to the sky in Sanskrit- and rightly so, as the design house’s collections are all about art, which is as boundless as the sky. Its products feature hand-painted artwork by Founder and Creative Director Shuchita Sancheti Garg.

Born to a long line of textile traders and printers, her pursuit is one of legacy and homage to an ancestral tradition going back to 1884. Shuchita is committed to ensuring that the rich artisanal heritage of Jaipur remains relevant and tangible.

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