The Monochrome Series by Rococo Milano


In a celebration of understated beauty, Rococo Milano introduces the Monochrome Series, a captivating collection of abstract and textured vases.


Each piece embodies the essence of minimalism design while radiating a distinct personality through its unique textures and forms. Inspired by the harmony found in simplicity, these vases offer a sophisticated accent to any space, whether displayed individually or as a curated ensemble.


The series presents a beautiful fusion, where each vase serves as both a functional vessel and a captivating work of art. From sleek, cylindrical silhouettes to asymmetrical designs, every piece invites tactile exploration, with textures ranging from subtle ridges to bold, sculptural elements.


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Black and white are more than just colors, being symbols of complexity and simplicity, depth and clarity. From the pristine purity of snow-white to the striking intensity of jet-black, this collection reflects an interplay of light and shadow. 


Whether displayed individually as statement pieces or grouped together to create a striking tableau, these vases invite viewers to contemplate the rich tapestry of contrasts that define the human experience. Discover these exquisite pieces exclusively at Rococo Milano.


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About the Brand

Rococo Milano, is a beacon of exquisite craftsmanship and timeless elegance, where luxury furniture seamlessly meets exceptional design. The brand’s expert team is driven by passion and precision and specializes in crafting elegant, functional, and timeless pieces that redefine opulence. From splendid furnishings to curated decor, Rococo Milano’s mission is to transform any space into a haven of style. The brand offers an exclusive range showcasing Luxury Furniture, Decor, and Outdoor collections, all assorted under one roof with a commitment to turn dreams of a luxurious home into reality, offering a comprehensive collection that transcends the ordinary. Rococo Milano converges luxury with exceptional European bespoke designs and uncompromised craftsmanship.


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