Glasshouse Conservatories EXPLAINED!

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How Glasshouse Conservatories by Lingel Windows Work?

The glasshouse or conservatory is an efficient way to add light and space to your home. The Glass conservatory helps you experience the natural sunlight perfectly. You will never miss the outside view, and it is a way to experience the outdoors. Each Lingel Glass Conservatory is a masterpiece on its own. The glass conservatory acts as an extra living space. It is a pragmatic option to extend your home space. Another purpose of having a glass conservatory is to ensure it is energy-efficient, secure, classy and adds value to your outdoor space.


Materials Used with Frame and Glass
The glass conservatory can be made with UPVC, Aluminium or even wood. It depends on the customer's preference. The walls and roof are usually made of glass for easy penetration of sunlight. It will be ideal if a building has at least 50% of its side walls glazed and at least 75% of the rooftop made of glass. The frames can be either of the material one desires.


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Which Are the Multiple Uses Areas One Can Build a Conservatory?
The conservatory can be built on the rooftop or even in your garden space. You can consider any vacant space for this. When you plan to have a glass conservatory, you have to check out the space option you want to utilise. Measure the available space. You have to ensure it is not oversized and does not take away most of the space available on your property. You will need to first decide on the purpose of the glass conservatory. If you have a small garden space, you can opt for a small size conservatory. You have to ensure the view is not obstructed and that the design blends with the outdoor space. Besides the regular shapes, you can check for all the available shapes that can be made.


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What Value Does a Conservatory Add to Your Home? Tell Us About the Collection That You Have?
A conservatory helps you utilise the vacant space. Also, it adds more charm in different ways. This space can be used as a dining, reading or relaxing area. It becomes a functional living space where one can relax and unwind.


What Are the Installation Cost Involved with It and the Life of the Conservatory House? 
The installation cost will vary as per the design and area that will be covered.


How One Can Maintain It? What Are the Maintenance Costs Involved?
It should be cleaned regularly to avoid too much dust and dirt to settle. At Lingel we provide service as and when required for five years.


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