Plywood Pioneer DURO Launches Time-Saving, Installation-Ready Solution Called DURO PLUS

DURO Ply Industries Ltd.--the celebrated Plywood Manufacturing Brand --seems to be a mission of continually revolutionising the industry with out-of-the-box solutions that are easily deployable and value-adding as well. Their latest innovation, the DURO PLUS, is the only plywood solution of its kind in India. The DURO PLUS is a uniquely sized plywood measuring 9 feet & 10 feet which is the most used dimension in block boards and doors. This means it is easy to install, timeless and offers value for money. The DURO PLUS eliminates the need for resizing the plywood slab, thus making it the ideal choice for jointless applications. As the first mover, DURO has indeed come up with a one-stop solution for all the associated industries and functionaries with this new launch.

The DURO PLUS amalgamates various solutions into one high-utility product. It is convenient to use for construction purposes, significantly reduces the need for nails and glue, and most importantly minimizes the wastage of material. It enables architects to create a seamless indoor look which adds to the beauty of the design itself. The versatility of its application stands as a testament to the dexterity of DURO when it comes to plywood solutions.


DURO PLUS is fully compatible with decorative veneers that come in various hues. Nonetheless, this is an environmentally friendly product and has already obtained the FSC and E1 certifications. Having realised the needs of all stakeholders in this industry including architects, interior designers, trade partners, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), dealers and contractors, DURO moved quickly and conceptualised a product to address their commonest woes. The entire range can be seen at the DURO Ply Industries Ltd. 1-135, W.H.S. Kriti Nagar, New Delhi.


“DURO is committed to providing innovative solutions to all key stakeholders while strongly maintaining its forest-friendly stance. In alignment with our mission, we will continue to invest in newer technologies that will enable us to further innovate and create sustainable as well as high-utility products for all our clients and associated partners. Excellence runs in our veins,” says Akhilesh Chitlangia, President, DURO Ply Industries Ltd. India


About DURO – DURO is a specialist brand name that carries a guarantee of deep-dive innovation, unmatched craftsmanship & unparalleled customer service in plywood manufacturing industry. Established in 1957 with a small room setup, DURO kept on developing. Backed by years of industry experience and leading technology, the forest friendly DURO offer the finest high-end plywood available in today's marketplace. DURO has over twenty offices in India with the exclusive experience centre in the country’s capital. DURO writes each success story by looking beyond the ordinary and aiming for the extraordinary.



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