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Chhail Khalsa: Bridging The Gap between Traditional Craft and Modern Technology

Chhail Khalsa, E-textile Designer & Design Researcher   With an innovative soul and explorative spectrum of beauty, Textile designer Chhail Khalsa talks about the traditional craft developed with technological interventions as the future of the textile industry. AR. Priyanshi Shah recently spoke with Chhail Khalsa and the latter shared her…

  • Posted by: Ar. Priyanshi Shah on July 4, 2023
SUCCESS STORIES → Craft and Culture
Art Creator: Linda Bloomfield, UK-based Designer

Linda Bloomfield, U.K based designer is an innovator in ceramic art. Since 2003, she has sold through galleries in the UK and worldwide. Her expertise includes many forms of ceramic art, dinnerware, and the maker's personal touch that gives a product a beautiful appearance and function.   The BMR Team…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on April 10, 2023
SUCCESS STORIES → Craft and Culture
Traditional Artform: Madhubani Paintings

A well-known Indian art form is the Madhubani painting. It’s also known as Mithila art since it’s done in the Mithila area of Bihar. These paintings, which are frequently distinguished by intricate geometrical patterns, are renowned for depicting ceremonial material for certain events, such as festivals, religious rites, etc. Natural…

  • Posted by: Raajeshwari Singh Raghuvanshi on January 3, 2023