Ar. Eishan Jain, ADP Architecture

Ar. Eishan Jain, ADP ArchitectureAr. Eishan Jain, ADP Architecture


Smart for me means more of IoT-based or AI-enabled products. After the pandemic, there is an inclination towards such feature-rich products especially in the bathrooms to restrict the spread of germs, maintain hygiene and remain healthy. No doubt that these high-tech smart products are also gaining attention of the new-age buyers because they make life easier. However, unless they become affordable, these products wouldn’t find a place in majority of the houses.    

Significantly, I have teamed up with other professionals through SMARTEX--the upcoming (February 10-11) conference and symposium. We are looking forward to joining forces with other architects, designers, and product makers, and planning to start a meaningful dialogue to build a model for a smart future. I am happy to be a part of this exciting two-day event.

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