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Ar. Sumit Dhawan

Ar. Sumit Dhawan, CitySpace’82 Architects


Bathrooms nowadays have become an important personal space for every individual. The use of bathrooms is not just limited for cleaning and bathing purposes but people love spending a decent amount of time there. Considering the trend, we have introduced things like private green in bathrooms in most of our projects. This led us to bring in automation to cater to the maintenance requirements, which ultimately turns bathroom smart where almost every function including lighting, WCs, spouts, geysers, etc. gets automated.


Talking of smart bathrooms, SMARTEX--the upcoming two-day (February 10-11) conference and symposium, that brings different architects, designers, and product makers, on a common platform, and which seeks to start a meaningful discourse--is the right direction towards creating a template for a smart future. I feel and proud to be a part of the mega event and am geared up to make it successful and eventful.

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