Aspiring for your goals and achieving them is real women empowerment: Ruchika Thapliyal, Principal Architect, Asid Consultants

There used to be a huge gap in terms of the mindsets that have been, the way we have developed as a society. So there used to be some gaps in terms of jobs and pay scales or whatever when it comes to both the genders. I mean whatever the mindset is, it is changing. I wanted to become a doctor but for the last 2 decades and I am into the architecture profession. It’s a very nice feeling that you get when you see people using the spaces that you have designed. So, it brings a lot of pleasure and contentment to you as a designer, as an architect, I think I am what I wanted to be and I like it. To me, success is a process to achieve your goals, your dreams, your desire, but it is not constant or it is not that you have achieved something, you always have to work towards it, it is always a process which you are going up with and which you are dreaming day-to-day and trying to achieve a different level, different goals every day it is an ongoing process to me. Also, as a woman, there are several challenges that I have faced while percussing my dreams, goals, and my career but it’s ultimately balancing the whole thing. So it’s a process of how you manage. 


In the Indian context, architecture is a very disorganized industry so one has to establish yourself differently; plus, when you are a woman so the Indian context it becomes very difficult but yes you should not be scared of facing the challenges.

I think a well-educated person is a confident person no matter what his city of ethnicity is. I don’t think it’s a challenge especially when the world is so small it is right there in your hand so I don’t think it makes any difference. So, I think it is a good opportunity for people to get and work there. It’s not like what it is used to be earlier where people do have to mandatorily move out of their home town. Real empowerment to a woman would be just aspiring for your goal and achieving it. That is the truest form of empowerment.   

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