Dona Alex, Co-Founder, Myspace Architects Reveals The True Meaning of Success For Women for #9RealWomen9RealStories

A Journey of Empowerment, Success, and the Pursuit of Happiness


Embarking on a remarkable journey of empowerment, professional success, and the pursuit of happiness, this narrative traces the life of an individual who ventured far from home, followed her dreams, and is now dedicated to empowering women and promoting equality in opportunities.


The Beginning 

I used to reside in a small town with my family, and attending a college located about 500 kms away from home was a significant step for me. When I first moved into the hostel, my parents were incredibly supportive and made sure I settled in comfortably. Hostel life was an eye-opener, and it opened the door to numerous travel experiences.

I expressed my desire to visit London to my parents, which they initially declined. However, when I secured admission to a college there, I shared the news with them, and they continued to be supportive. They connected me with friends who had settled in London, offering me valuable opportunities to establish myself. Their unwavering support gave me the confidence to venture into the industry.


Professional Journey

Professional journey began with a small office space, and we were sceptical about who would work there. However, our doubts were swiftly dispelled when we witnessed the remarkable abilities of the young women we hired. They were exceptional at managing their work, breaking stereotypes about gender roles. It's clear that the world is changing, and women are emerging strong and successful across various platforms. I wish them all the best in their endeavours.



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Happiness is Success

Success is fundamentally about finding happiness in life and taking pleasure in your daily pursuits. Each day should leave you with a sense of accomplishment, contentment, and a feeling that it's been a successful day. As you step into your office each morning and immerse yourself in your projects, you should be able to sense the progress and achievement in your life. This is where genuine happiness lies.


Personal Satisfaction

Personally, I derive great satisfaction from the process, and it's crucial to have a clear sense of what you want to achieve. Understanding the parameters that define success and your goals is essential. To find your source of happiness, you must first ascertain what truly fulfils you. In my case, I was certain from my college days that I wanted to work in architecture, establishing my own firm. I discovered various ways to overcome obstacles and pursue this path.


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Empowering Women

We need empowerment, not in the form of symbolic gestures like ‘pink toilets’ or ‘pink autos’, which segregate us, but in the form of equal opportunities and the ability to assert ourselves. What we require are equal platforms from childhood, ensuring that both girls and boys have the same opportunities to play, interact, and explore. Providing equal freedom and exposure is the key to nurturing their potential. Being confined at home without these opportunities can hinder a person's ability to discover their true passions and goals. Thus, we must provide every girl with the same opportunities as they grow.



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