Amazon Fashion Studio: Contemporary Spaces

Amazon Fashion Studio

Ultraconfidentiel Design has designed the fashion studio for Amazon BLINK, located in New Delhi, India. Amazon BLINK – Fashion Studio was a very unique project. Earlier harbouring New York and London, Amazon gave us the opportunity to conceptualise the first-of-its-kind Amazon Fashion Studio in India. Designed to boost creativity and interactions between all generations of fashion designers, BLINK studio’s energy is fully enhanced through open spaces and collaborative areas.


Amazon Fashion Studio


The subtle blend of modern designs and revisited Indian traditions inhabits this studio and gives it its uniqueness. All along the place, details have been thought by Ultraconfidentiel’s Design team to tell a story and depict not only fashion but also the essence of India. 

This Studio spans 44,000 sq. Ft. in Vipul Agora, Gurgaon, and has over 14 on-Body bays, a merchandise coordination area-- complete with a production room, an editorial bay, a large office space, and an operations area. The premise can also unfold itself for large gatherings and corporate meets. The rustic and industrial look with a subtle glimpse of Indian fashion, textiles, and elements completes the individuality of fashion and creates its own unique style.


Amazon Fashion Studio


For this studio, one of the requirements was to bring some Indian touches through the space to create its identity. For instance, we decided to focus on phone booths to show the cultural diversity of India through fabrics specific to different regions. The use of a modern version of Mughal Jaalis was specially invented and customised for this project, and faded-red colour micro-concrete flooring reminds the sandstone used in architecture throughout the Indian subcontinent.


Amazon Fashion Studio


The design expectations were set high. It was a challenging project given its nature and also the fact that it was our first assignment for a Fashion Studio. A great deal of technical aspects were involved which made the project more enticing. The client asked us to keep the space contemporary, fresh, and industrial while incorporating some Blink references to India. 


Being a Fashion Studio, the use of Fabrics generated from Saris from different regions of India was an interesting design solution. We have also studied, adapted, and modernised the Indian Jaalis which we have used as a graphic pattern all throughout the space. The entire space was interesting by its technicality and diversity. 


But if we need to select one part of the space, we would mention the Reception/Event area which is a landmark for the fashion week in India. According to us, it’s a very subtle blend between the industrial environment and some delicate local touches from the Indian culture. The cafeteria has been planned to transform a portion of the space which was non-covered and difficult to use.  The natural green wall transforms the space into a pleasant collaborative area for the employees to relax. 


Amazon Fashion Studio


A colour palette designed to enhance seamless contrasts between different areas. One of the main architectural features is the sparkling micro-concrete flooring which reflects the light in a different manner during the day, thanks to the copper chimer blended in the concrete mix. The curtains of the photoshoot area merge the seamless flooring to the black technical exposed ceiling with the use of a gradient acoustic fabric. 



Project Name: Amazon Blink offices
Architecture Firm: Ultraconfidentiel Design
Area: 44,000 Sqft
Project Location:  New Delhi, India
Lead Team: Valentin Blanchard, Chloe Emeriau, Lucille Frizzi, Fanny Dreyer, Sanjeev Kumar Gupta, Jaideep Harpalani, Pierre-Arnaud Cassin         
Name of Client: Amazon
Photography: Kapil Kamra

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