Exploring the Timeless Appeal of Stone Art's Masterfully Sculpted Vases


Renowned for its unparalleled expertise in stone and wood carving, Stone Art unveils a new series of masterfully sculpted vases that exude an ancient and timeless appeal. These pieces showcase a convergence of artistry and luminosity in interior decor, where less is more, yet every detail speaks volumes, inviting exploration and contemplation in equal measure.


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The vases boast a vintage look with a slightly flared rim. The surface of each piece features a colored texture, mottled appearance with various shades of green and hints of blue, suggesting a ceramic composition with a glaze that imparts a weathered, antique look. This unique finish gives the impression of artifacts that have withstood the test of time, enhancing their allure and mystique.



The range includes a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different tastes and settings. Some pieces are tall and narrow with a wide base, gracefully tapering towards the neck, evoking an ancient, well-used appearance. This design element not only adds to their historical charm but also makes each vase a unique statement piece.


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Some feature a smooth texture and subtle decorative patterns near the top, showcase a more refined crafting technique. These intricately designed pieces highlight the skill and precision of Stone Art's artisans, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics.


These vases are perfect for collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate the fusion of history and art. Each piece is a testament to Stone Art's commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of sculpting.


About the brand


Shri Pyare Lal Basheshswar Nath founded Stone Art in Delhi 150 years ago to trade in slate stone, a popular building material. The brand was so well-known that it contributed largely to building Lutyens Delhi! In 1987, when Brijesh Bansal (kin of JP Bansal) took over the business, the brand scaled to heights as it diversified and reached out to consumers overseas. The Bansal Group answered the market's pulse and formed STONE ART; BB Exports to take Stone Art to the world by introducing handicrafts.


When young Ashutosh Bansal joined his father's company in 2013, Stone Art’s portfolio saw another refreshing change- introducing a fine selection of products for landscaping. Stone Art today offers outdoor furniture, various planters in materials like stone, marble, ceramic, wood, concrete, metal, fiberglass, stone powder, cement, terracotta, and sculptures and statues in natural and semi-precious stones.


Some of Stone Art's prominent projects include luxury hotels in the ITC Group, Taj Group, Hyatt, Hilton, and The Grand are a few examples. The brand's finest creations can be seen in many realty projects by eminent builders and developers like DLF, GMR, Ace, Omaxe, Tata, and Sobha. Stone Art's collaboration with prominent construction companies like L&T, L&W, and Cushman has allowed the brand to showcase its fabulous oeuvre.



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