Ochre at Home Redefines Opulence with Luxurious Curved Couches


Ochre at Home, renowned for its bespoke luxury furniture, introduces a pinnacle of elegance in their Contemporary Collection: exquisite curved couches in muted tones. Located within an exclusive studio, based in Kolkata, Ochre at Home continues to set the standard for sophistication and comfort, offering discerning clients a fusion of timeless design and unmatched craftsmanship. 


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Crafted with meticulous artistry and a steadfast commitment to sustainability, the curved couches in Ochre at Home's Contemporary Collection epitomize the studio's dedication to redefining luxury living design. Each piece showcases seamless craft and is upholstered in muted tones that enhance the collection's understated opulence, making these couches versatile centerpieces that complement any interior style. 



Designed to harmonize modern aesthetics with enduring appeal, these curved couches exemplify Ochre at Home's dedication to crafting furniture that transcends trends and becomes integral to the atmosphere of refined living environments. 


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Discover the epitome of luxury and craftsmanship with Ochre at Home's Contemporary Collection, where each piece tells a story of timeless elegance and meticulous artistry. Whether adorning a chic urban loft or a serene countryside retreat, these curved couches in muted tones invite you to indulge in the intersection of comfort and sophistication. Explore the essence of bespoke furniture at its finest, only at Ochre at Home's exclusive studio.



About the Brand


Ochre at Home (OAH) is a Kolkata-based design company specializing in bespoke furniture that is au courant with upcoming styles and trends. Headed by Sweta Arya and Ajay Arya, with Ajay as the principal designer, OAH combines high-quality design, execution and craftsmanship with immaculate finishing and innovative embellishing.


The by-appointment-only Studio showcases handcrafted and made-in-India products that can be customized to create nuanced design narratives in a space. It also offers a range of design accessories that are painstakingly hand-picked from all over the world, and a well-curated art collection featuring works by renowned artists.


OAH does not just create furniture, and curate accessories, it endeavors to create the art of lifestyle with Indianness that is at par with international standards of finish and luxe.



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