Trending Wall Finishes for Your Home Interiors

Trending Wall Finishes

It's true what they say- four walls don't make a house. You need to add life to them. The main component of interior design is the wall. They have the power to contain an area or even enlarge it. Apart from the standard load-bearing walls, numerous other types are available such as partition walls, cavity walls, curtain walls, and so forth. The question at hand is: How can these walls be brought to life? You're half right, if the only things that come to mind are paint and wallpaper. In addition to paints and wallpaper, there are many other wall finishes for home available today that can improve your space both aesthetically and functionally. 


Walls are now the distinguishing feature of contemporary homes. But, what are the different types of interior wall finishes? Making a statement with walls is the main focus of modern interior design. Thus, when designing the interior of your home, wall finish selection is crucial. In order to help you make an informed choice, this guide will teach you about the different kinds of wall finishes that are currently on the market.


Trending Wall Finishes


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These days, the walls are what set modern homes apart. Modern interior design is all about using walls to make a statement. Therefore, choosing the right wall finish is essential when designing the interior of your home. This article will tell you about the various wall finish materials that are trending in the market. Here are some of the finishes: 


Exposed Concrete Finish 

These wall finishing types are ideal if you want to add a subtle tactile feel to your space without the visual clutter of patterned wallpaper. Simply applying cement and mortar to the wall surface creates a rough, unfinished look for the cement plaster finish. After the cement textured finish dries, it can be painted. Patterns can be created with a trowel or other similar tool. These days, concrete textures are the most popular because they give your room an earthy appearance.


Trending Wall Finishes


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Laminated Wall Finish 

Plywood and laminates are frequently thought to be exclusively intended for furniture. Using MDF (medium density fiberboard) or plywood, you can use these to create geometric or abstract designs on your walls. To complete the design, apply your preferred laminate. To emphasize the design, you can even add profile lights or another type of lighting arrangement and leave grooves between the pieces.


Trending Wall Finishes


Mirror Cladding

This finish can greatly increase the room's sense of space and dimension if it is small. In order to finish the look, mirror cladding usually entails hanging mirrors in different geometric patterns on your wall. You have the option of bronze or gray counterparts, as well as clear or extra clear glass.


Trending Wall Finishes


Acoustic Panels

These panels work well in areas where you want to limit the amount of sound that enters adjacent rooms or spaces, such as offices and home theaters. These panels have fabric coverings on top of materials that absorb sound, such as glass or mineral wool. They are available in a range of sizes and shapes, and they can even be customized to give your walls the exact appearance you want. Nowadays, wooden finishes are also used for the acoustic wall panelling. 


Trending Wall Finishes


Wainscotting Panels

This looks literally like applying lining to your interior walls. You probably have seen this finish but never realized how to name it. It is derived from the French style of interiors. Oak or similar wooden linings or panels are laid onto the walls in the desired form and are then painted to match with the finish on the wall. Wainscotting is more common in contemporary and modern design styles.


Trending Wall Finishes


Wallpaper Design 

If you are looking for a budget-friendly yet stylish wall finish, wallpapers are an excellent choice. They come in various prints, patterns and styles that can blend into any style of home interiors and complement the overall aesthetics of your space.


Trending Wall Finishes


Wall finishes in interior design are endless! BMR believes in serving the best! Stay tuned with us for more ideas related to home decor, design, architecture and construction materials in the industry. Follow us and stay updated.

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