Facade Design Trends That You Need To Know


The personality of the homeowner can be seen in the exterior design of their home. It's how the design is viewed by the other residents of the neighborhood, and naturally, everyone wants to make a good first impression. Modern home exterior design ideas will improve curb appeal and make your property stand out, whether you're planning to build a new home or make modifications to an existing one.


It's really simple to appreciate modern home construction designs. When creating your ideal home, one thing to consider is how the exterior and interior designs of the building compare. Nothing compares to the crisp sightlines, spacious windows, and unquestionably elegant elevation of a modern exterior design when it comes to modern aesthetics. There are countless modern home exterior design ideas to choose from, regardless of your preference for the look of sturdy industrial metals or the warmth of wood.


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Here are a few facade design styles or exterior design styles for modern homes which you can apply for the latest construction!


Minimalistic Design Style

Thanks to the numerous projects created by international architects in the past few decades, minimalism has become a very popular style for the homeowners. The main characteristics of a minimalist exterior design are clean, simple lines that exude pretentiousness, as well as the removal of superfluous highlights and details. In this style, delicate textures and muted hues are used more as decoration. These are the common minimalistic exterior design characteristics.




High Tech Design Style 

The minimalist facade and the high-tech exterior design are alike. Thin visual lines and geometric influences are the common criteria that unite these two styles. These facades frequently have white or grey paint applied to them, and engineered components are added for improved visual appeal.




Glass Facade Exterior Look

Glass is used in modern exterior home design to create facades that are sleek and fashionable. Glass provides an indoor-outdoor connection. The glass facade integration with natural landscape can amplify the charm and tranquility of the surrounding natural landscape that can be integrated with the transparency and seamlessness.


glass exterior


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Brick for the Exterior Look

The exterior brick look is exactly what people are gushing after these days. Because of its elegant and comfortable appeal, exposed red brick architecture has never gone out of style. Raising arches and balconies can be encircled with ornate wrought iron railings.


brick building


Countryside Look for Facade 

Simplistic concrete and stone facades with iron railings characterize a typical rural exterior design. The primary external feature is the slanted roof, which makes a powerful impression on onlookers with its roofing tiles. The home is made even more appealing and inviting by the industrial exterior lighting and the natural stone and grass walkway.




Industrial Look Exterior

A house with an industrial exterior design will have windows, a dark slanting roof, a brick wall, stone mosaics, and a lot of concrete and stone. These industrial exterior design for modern home ideas and architecture are very focused on providing a sense of boldness and vibrancy.




Green Sustainable Design for Facade

Choosing a green exterior design is one step toward sustainability. Give the outside some greenery to liven up the city and give you a sense of belonging. A metal gate and railing, encircled by small and large bushes and trees, can serve as protection for the cement and slate home while considering green sustainable design for modern home facade. 


green building


Strong, solid white concrete look can be paired with linear geometry made up of delicate plain glass windows and doors to give the facade a modern feel. To improve the aesthetics even more, consider adding a stone pathway, white lawn furniture, and a well-kept lush green garden.


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How can outdoor lighting amp up the facade look?

Any home's exterior design look can be significantly improved with outdoor lighting. These days, ambient lighting on facades is given priority. Even a drab facade can be made brighter with the right lighting, and this seemingly insignificant detail can have a significant impact.


We hope these exterior design ideas for modern homes have provided you with a lot of inspiration and ideas for your own design. It's very important that you choose a design that expresses your unique style and sense of aesthetics rather than getting carried away with the options.


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