Duroply Launches Grand Experience Center at Rajkot, Gujarat

The premier and most seasoned plywood manufacturer in India, Duroply, has opened its cutting-edge Experience Center in Rajkot, Gujarat. This one-of-a-kind location is going to change the way potential plywood buyers interact with doors, blockboards, and plywood in their pursuit of a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing interior. 


For the past several years, Duroply has made Gujarat a top market, with business growth of 30% annually. Moreover, Rajkot is home to Duroply's manufacturing plant.


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Mr. Akhilesh Chitlangia, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, Duroply, said, “This Experience Centre provides an immersive and educational journey into the world of plywood for our customers. More than just a display, the Center offers an engaging experience where customers experience first-hand the plywood that are durable, long-lasting, and resistant to termites and the difference between a branded and an unbranded plywood. Along with their personal navigation, our sales staff at the Centre also take customers deep in our collection and explain how our products like premium and branded Plywood, Blockboards, Decorative Veneers and Flush Doors enhance the life of their home interiors.”


When Duroply opened its first Experience Center in Delhi, many of its clients conveyed an overwhelming interest in visiting the store. Encouraged by the positive feedback, Duroply opened a second center in Rajkot. 


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Duroply compiled the top nine features that plywood buyers sought and unveiled them at a recent building material industry exhibition ‘MATECIA 2023’. ’Duro Advantage’ coupled with ‘Duro Lifetime Guarantee’ from insect infestation are an unparalleled assurance to esteemed customers from the brand.


The secret of Duroply's success has always been innovation driven by the needs of the customers. The industry eventually adopts the products that Duroply introduces. The business's continuous expansion and success are proof of its unwavering commitment to quality work and client satisfaction. Discover, interact with, and be inspired by the countless possibilities that the premium plywood offers at Duroply's Experience Center. 


About the Brand

DURO is the oldest brand among the top Indian plywood manufacturers, with over 65 years of rich history. They are renowned for producing superior products that command a premium price in the general market for wood panels. In order to truly qualify as a "Forest Friendly Company," Duroply also sources all of its raw materials from sustainable sources.


Duro TV, a YouTube channel that Duroply has started, aims to educate viewers on plywood purchases and help them become more knowledgeable about the product. With a complete line of plywood, block boards, doors, and decorative veneers, wood panel designs- Duroply is committed to innovation to ensure the longevity of its customers' interior design projects in their homes and offices.


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As a value-added offering to customers, Duroply is the first plywood brand in India to produce and distribute a 10-feet range of plywood, boards, doors, and veneers.


Duroply's remarkable brand equity in the plywood industry is further strengthened by its extensive guarantee on all the products, which ranges from Lifetime to Ten Years for wood panel ideas. This demonstrates the company's deep commitment to its customers.


Combining nine of the most requested features by consumers, Duroply has introduced it under the name "Duro Advantage- 09 Layers of Protection." The brand makes sure that Duro customers receive an unmatched level of assurance through "Duro Advantage" and "Duro Lifetime Guarantee" against insect infestation.

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