Journey of Becoming Desh ka majboot Adhesive | Mr. Ashish Bhasin, Director Marmo Solutions Pvt Ltd

How Marmo Solutions Became Desh Ka Majboot Adhesive | Mr. Ashish Bhasin, Director Marmo Solutions Pvt Ltd | Journey of Marmo Solutions

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Our guest Mr. Ashish Bhasin, Director Marmo Solutions Pvt Ltd. Who built Marmo Solutions as a trustworthy brand (Desh Ka Majboot Adhesive) in the market of adhesive & chemicals in a very short span of time. He is a very dynamic and focused person, who believes in the core values of the company, sounded with the chemical adhesive, and keeps researching on it to offer the best possible solutions for stones and marbles. 

1. Journey of Marmo Solutions Pvt Ltd.
2. Challenges and Overcome.
3. Product offerings and their applications. 
4. Market of Adhesive chemicals in India and its future.
5. How to develop a skilled and trained workforce for stone & Marble applications. 
6. Marmo Solutions channel network domestic & export
7. Expert market of adhesive as compare with the domestic market.

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