Veneer Experience Centre to Educate Consumers | Duro | BMR

Duro experience centre opened in 2017, Kirti Nagar. Duro allows architects, designers, and consumers to experience the product. One of the first experience centres in the plywood industry. Duro showcases all the latest trends in decorative veneers and how a good polish elevates the look of the veneer. From Color selection to the actual selection of veneers, experts assist with everything in a modish and unique mode. Duro is active in R&D and comes up with innovations often such as Moped Veneers, Mix and Match Veneers, and the largest collection of Grey-Dyed Veneers. Duro has a plan to introduce a new range of veneers inspired by what’s happening around the Globe! Duro specializes in customized veneer solutions for bespoke designs. Eminent architects and designers opt for customization of veneers, and for the same, they choose the best from the rest- Duro.

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