Why Simpolo Ceramics is the Best in the Industry | Bharat Aghara, CMO Simpolo Ceramics

If you are a dealer or an architect and designer, you must agree and have seen the innovation in the tiles Industry specifically in the last couple of years. It's weekend time, and your eyes must be wandering to watch something on TV or phone. But don't worry, we have come up with a solution for this. Today in the Building Material Reporter show 'Champions of Bazar' we will talk to a Businessman who is often in the news. His name is Bharat Aghara a man behind the transformation of Simpolo Ceramics. What is the secret of his energy and inspiration behind brand success will also be told in the interview. Sandeep Lathwal of Building Material Reporter has given the talk, it is a good one, it is guaranteed not to let you get bored. Stay Tuned with Building Material Reporter.


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