Simpolo Opens 100th Gallery At Vijapura, Karnataka--Makes All-Range Products Available

Simpolo Ceramics has opened its 100th gallery. The Vijapura gallery in Karnataka is spread over an area of 6000-square feet and has made the life of the people a lot better today. 


Shailesh Gajera—the owner of the Vijaypura gallery--says that Simpolo’s entire range of products is on display here, adding while earlier clients had to go out today, thanks to the gallery, today they don’t have to. 


As per Sunny Patil, an engineer, all range products are available here. Architect Havaragi says that he is happy to find so many different varieties of Simpolo products for different kinds of exteriors and interiors. 


Mr. Bharat Aghara, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Simpolo Cereamics, in the meanwhile, says that Simpolo has plans to open 25 new galleries this year while Sidramappa K Kalakamili, a civil engineer, says that such a big showroom was required here in the area.


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