The Eye Vet: First Ophthalmology speciality in India


Gautam Shewa Architects designed the first Ophthalmology speciality for animals in India, redefining the veterinary experience with extensive research and a case study following international standards. The design process of the 5000 sq ft area was to make the best use of the available space. This project aimed to provide an environment that would be conducive to the social, behavioural, and psychological needs of the pet and pet parent.



The client's request was to create The Eye Vet, India's first ophthalmology-specific animal hospital, to set global standards in veterinary care while providing a secure environment for pets and their owners. Key features include a comprehensive understanding of ophthalmology setups, stringent safety measures, meticulous attention to detail in surgery areas, international-standard training facilities, and a library space for professionals. After all, the idea was to use a Vision or the art of seeing the invisible.


Redefining veterinary hospital design to specialize in eye care for animals, with spacious and sterile layouts infused with quirky elements to enhance the mood of both patients and staff.



The custom seating, entry, doors, and terrazzo table tops use a neutral colour palette along with subtle graphics creating a muted visual connection between clients and staff areas. To redefine the Veterinary experience, the hospital is brought to life with a calming minimal palette juxtaposed against premium and grand waiting areas.



One of the design concepts was creating layers in the spaces derived from the idea of layers in the eyes creating vision. Another concept was derived from the eyelid dissection idea which was designed in abstract form at the corner of the reception table making it the centrepiece.



The layout is divided into 3 zones starting with the central reception and grand waiting areas for visitors which are further divided into a dog waiting area, a cat waiting area, and a surgical waiting area. The next zone is the Clinical and Surgical zone with all OPDs connected to the reception and central preparation room which is further connected to the operation theatre. The final zone is the Training and staff area with cabins, conference room, admin area, classroom, canteen, and service area.


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The primary design element in the waiting area is a dog mural that expresses the idea that "what you see in me is a reflection of you." The mural is divided into two parts and has quirky glasses on both sides to represent how the pet parent can be seen reflected in the animal's eyes.



OPD's design is to make patients feel secure and calm. To achieve that, we chose a subtle grey, white, and neutral colour palette with pops of colour added through terrazzo tiles for the doctor’s tabletop and wall, a custom whiteboard fused with the wall, and custom door handles. Each area of the clinic is special, fun, and minimal.


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Before planning, a thorough examination of the operation of the existing eye vet was conducted to comprehend the circulation, drawbacks, and issues. The circulation and zoning of the current eye vet were carefully designed for easy movement and management after extensive discussion with the staff and doctors. 



A neutral palate is used to draw attention to all the different elements that make it interesting. The design idea for the waiting area was to set the tone for a soft, luxurious, and relaxing experience. 



For the cafe, the interiors were crafted with quirky graphics. TEV, a place where animals are loved, required a place where pet parents could wait for their furry children in warmth and familiarity. 



For the preparation room, classroom, and operating theatre, lighting was purposefully used to achieve a functional and aesthetically pleasing effect. All of the clinical spaces were meticulously planned and detailed while maintaining a subtle aesthetic balance. The custom seating, natural light, soothing plants, chandelier, entry, doors, etc. use a neutral colour palette creating a muted visual connection between the clients and staff areas. 



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Fact File 

Firm Name: Gautam Shewa Architects

Project Name: The Eye Vet
Project Location: Pune, India
Built Up - Area: 5000 sqft
Lead Designer: Ar. Gautam Shewa
Photo Credits:  Shreyas Kadam


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