Hues of Blue--Portrayal of Calmness and Relaxation

Hues of Blue - Building Material Reporter

The home needs to serve multiple purposes for its residents and guests to qualify as an ideal retreat, regardless of how grand and expansive or cosy it may appear or function. An architectural team led by Scribble Studio had a similar quest when they designed a home for a family in Ahmedabad, Gujarat that transformed into a project shaped by a youthful approach to design. 


Hues of Blue - Building Material Reporter


Differing from the usual browns and ivories in present interior designs, we added tints and tones of blue and medium greys to light up the space. Introducing shades of such colours makes the space look similar yet different, as different tones make each space look defined. Considering the 900-sqft area with all functional requirements, we wanted this residence to look spacious and distinct. Usage of brass fixtures with contrast-coloured furniture enhances the luxurious look.


Hues of Blue - Building Material Reporter
Our young clients wanted the house to give out those youthful vibes, so we came up with this colour palette of blue hues. An expression of calmness and relaxation. Wooden material in a contrast has been added to the guest and kid’s bedrooms to break the monotony and keep up with the choices as per respective ages. The whole residence is bridging through the shades of blue and with the constant of grey and white. The black colour and wooden tones kind of individualises the space as a whole but still maintains the design language making it look like one.


Hues of Blue - Building Material Reporter
When it comes to experimenting with materials, we loved how our spontaneously designed partition within the wall puncture behind the sofa, looks different and glamorous. It grabs your attention with the shaded thread in contrast with the blue glass to form a semi-open partition. In turn, this whole portrayal functions as a background for the wall where the clock hangs in front of it creating a distinct detail altogether. 


Another thing we explored in terms of material was the casted Terrazzo center table. It has been an eye-catcher since the beginning when we made two materials, like casted terrazzo and metal (in the form of legs), bond for an outlandish center table.


Hues of Blue - Building Material Reporter




Project Name: Hues of Blue
Name of the Firm: Scribble Studio 
Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat    
Area: 900-Sqft
Project Team: Dhaara Vora
Styled/Photography: Inclined Studio 


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