Step Into Tranquility: The Zen Residence

Experience harmonious Living at The Zen Residence, AIPL Zen, Gurugram, India. Crafted by Storey Tellers Studio, this multi-generational home caters to a young couple, their son, and their grandmother. Perfumed with joy and warmth, the interiors mirror the family's vibrant spirit. With its expansive and airy layout, each room echoes a contemporary design ethos, fostering a sense of unity and modernity throughout.


At the entrance, the foyer greets the visitor with mirrors employed in combination with wall

sconces. It is designed to alleviate the confined feeling bound to be presented

by a structurally narrow space.  A well-ventilated shoe cabinet and a hanging planter also occupy this area. The foyer is connected to the living room with the help of a bookshelf-cum- display unit that extends to the TV console, which is conceived as the focal point of this area.


The living room is designed with a muted colour palette on a soft white base. A colour pop is

added to this scheme with bright, uplifting furnishings in ochre and powder blue. 


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The vibrant art gallery wall next to the living room seating is another, subtler focal point of the space. The art is contained to a key space, creating a sense of balance and harmony. The overall effect is a space that is both visually stimulating and relaxing.


The home features loads of wood and rattan elements, taking advantage of the natural wood

tones and woven textures to contribute a sense of cosiness and comfort. On the far end of the

hall, a quirky and meticulously custom-designed and doodled wallpaper creates a fun, striking backdrop to the entire room.


The dining is situated in this space, with a muted white table top to balance the colour play. To create a more open space, the designers decided to go with a booth seating on one side of the table, adding dynamism to the setting.


The private areas of the home are designed for playful comfort while bringing out the personality of the rooms’ occupants. 


The master bedroom is spacious and luxurious, with soft, millennial tones that speak to the tastes of the young couple. A fabric-cladded bed back with peach-and- blue floral patterned wallpaper panels on either side takes up the accent wall, while a deep blue dresser stands opposite the bed. 


A cosy, minimal study corner is set up in a corner next to the window. An interesting design detail is added to this corner, with an adjustable table top that can be aligned with the wall when not in use — adding circulatory space to the room. A painting is mounted on the underside of this table, giving it the look of framed artwork when lifted, which adds a surprise element to the room upon being revealed.


The bedroom designed for the grandmother comprises combinations of blue and rust tones, set

off by neutral colours as a base. The bed, headboard, and side table are all designed as a

single piece of furniture, with the side table extending into a bench seat. The bed back curves

around the side table and along the wall, which is finished in neoclassical moulding patterns that

complete the contemporary look


The designers decided to go with a single bedside table instead of the usual two to help maximise the bedroom space. Gold accents around the room accord warmth to the room.


The highlight of the kid’s bedroom is the sofa-cum-bed, which is strategically chosen to help him

transition from a nursery bed to an adult-sized one. 


This versatile piece of furniture is intended to grow as the child grows, with provisions for ample storage space for toys and books. The room carries neutral tones supported by little pops of colour and pattern.


The Zen Residence is perfectly suited for a multi-generational family: a cosmopolitan abode

where everyone can come together to relax, socialise, and create lasting memories.


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Firm Name: Storey Tellers Studio
Project Name: The Zen Residence 
Project Location: Gurgaon, Haryana
Built Up - Area: 1700 Sqft
Lead Designer: Komal Rustagi, Tanbeer Kazi, Prakash Srivastava
Photo Credits: Tarang Goyal
Interior Design: Storey Tellers Design Studio 


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