The Essence Of Biophilia In Design


The approach for the landscape design by Ar. Ankit Garg, Founding Director of Aakrit Creative Design, prioritises serenity and sustainability. The brand believes in building a community by seamlessly integrating natural elements and eco-friendly materials. 


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For SMARTEX’24 Awards, Team BMR alongwith SMARTEX had a chance to know more about the biophilic design thought process from Mr. Garg. Considering recycled or up cycled materials supports sustainability and also contributes to a healthier indoor environment. As a Landscape Consultant and Façade Designer, Mr. Garg prioritizes on energy-efficient systems and technologies.



The entire thought process behind the design is centered on serenity, peace, and sustainability. The approach not only contributes to a positive and harmonious environment but also aligns with priorities like serenity, sustainability, and community living. All the designs seamlessly integrates natural elements and eco-friendly materials- fulfilling goals of environmental responsibility and social well-being in urban design setting. 


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The design also calls for a few key considerations. The main idealogy revolves around the integration of natural elements into the design, such as ample greenery, natural light, and water features. Incorporating these elements can creata serene and calming atmosphere, promoting well-being among users. 



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As more and more people are delving into the approach of biophilia, incorporating natural patterns, textures, and colors into the design encourages relaxation and mindfulness, such as meditation spaces or green zones. These spaces can enhance the overall sense of peace and well-being for users. Moreover, spaces that encourage social interaction and collaboration can contribute to a positive and peaceful atmosphere. Energy-efficient lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can be given a thought for any design in vogue. Harnessing renewable energy sources, like solar panels, can also be part of a sustainable approach.


Creating spaces that are durable and adaptable reduces the need for frequent renovations, contributing to long-term sustainability. Minimize waste throughout the design and construction process. Recycling and reusing materials should be considered wherever possible. 


Design Challenges 


Incorporating various building challenges into the design process is crucial for ensuring the practicality, safety, and efficiency of a project. Analysing and adapting the design to the specific characteristics and limitations of the site may involve addressing issues such as limited space, uneven topography, or local regulations. Designing while keeping the local climate in mind assures good selection of materials too. 


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Implementing strategies for energy efficiency, thermal comfort, and weather resilience can help to maximize natural light, using climate-responsive building materials, and incorporating shading elements to mitigate heat gain. This may include utilizing eco-friendly materials, implementing energy-efficient systems, and incorporating green building practices such as rainwater harvesting or on-site renewable energy generation. Optimising any of the design to meet budgetary constraints should be considered by engineering and cost-effective material choices. 



The ultimate motto of any space design, as the designer believes, should be adaptable to changing needs. This is especially important in environments where functions may evolve over time. Modular designs and flexible layouts can accommodate future modifications or expansions. Designing with resilience in mind is another very important factor. This could involve incorporating earthquake-resistant structures, flood-resistant features, or other measures to enhance the building's ability to withstand unforeseen events.


Philosophy of the Brand

Aakrit Creative Design was established in 2016 with the main objective of providing extreme quality of sustainable architecture, landscape, vastu and interior design services. The firm believes in saving the Mother Earth at any cost which is of utmost prime necessity and importance. The company always follows the design agenda that enhances the love for nature. 

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