This Zypack Industries Workspace Is All Set To Boost Productivity

Ar. Sumita Bhatia of Dezine Innovation created an office space that speaks modernity and exquisiteness. With layout being fully utlised to boost the best productivity, the space marks upon transparency and better working ethos. The space has different areas juxtaposed in a way that it allows maximum utility and moving scope. The basic rule was to allow openness, following transparency. 


As one enters the receptions area, the planning looks flamboyantly perfect with minimal elements and subtle color scheme. The lighting highlights the area with appropriate luminosity. The furniture in the entire office space is designed to be practical and aesthetic, ensuring that ease of work is paramount, alongwith a combination of best materials.  


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Each room required a distinct design narrative driven by function while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic. According to these specifications, the workplace has an open and interactive layout. But it's not enough! The designers have ensured the use of blinds, which allows for privacy in the rooms. 


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The conference area is a true epitome of style with contemporary touch. The grooving texture in the LCD backdrop with metallic inlay work goes well with the space- making it look sober. The unique shape of the false ceiling makes it all the more interesting with client’s fulfilling requirement of keeping white light in the space. The MD room for the daughter signifies opulence. With corian table in white hue, the room satiates bliss. Also, the minimalistic panel backdrop adds cherry on top.


With a vision to deliver a seamless working experience, the floor incorporates  connectivity and ergonomics. The CEO room has everything what a CEO would love! The color combination here gathers attraction. The blinds covering the glass wall gives opaqueness. It allows direct vision of their industry. The backdrop has storage units with wall shelves for display. A blend of  modern and Italian-inspired furniture and accents elevate textural and aesthetic delight while stimulating a sense of rejuvenation in space. 


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The entire work space ensures ample lighting. With general and ambience lighting blended well together, the ambience looks well lit. All the junctions enhance the sense of homogeneity, essential for a workspace to enhance abundance. All in all, partition, walls, elements, furniture and ceiling, the designers delivered a workspace that inspires creativity amongst employees.


About the Firm

DEZINE INNOVATION is an established Company in Delhi. The Company is promoted by civil engineering professionals, architects & interior designers having more than thirty years of experience in the construction & interior Industry. They are engaged in diversified construction activities for institutional, commercial & industrial complexes and residential buildings catering to the private, public & govt. sector. The Company has successfully completed more than 500 projects in a span of last thirty years.


Our fundamental business strategy is to build long-term client relationships. With more than thirty years in the industry, it has attracted and retained clients by providing superior customer values by its quality work and timeliness. In fact, majority of its work is repeated business from loyal clients. This strategy yields cost advantages, profits, and growth for the company, allowing it to attract and retain investors and thus fuel further growth.


The firm also offer comprehensive solutions for interiors including designing, planning and execution by following a philosophy that enables its customers to realize their creative dreams by providing an innovative vision to their interiors. They have replaced conventional working, improved operational efficiency across sites, increased information flow for speedy decision making, successfully monitored costs, minimized possibility of time overruns, bagged repeat orders and gained a formidable reputation in the industry.


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