Canadian Wood Organizes A Seminar In Gurgaon


The British Columbia (B.C.) provincial government’s crown corporation, Forestry Innovation Consulting India Pvt Ltd (FII India), popularly known as Canadian Wood, hosted an insightful and successful seminar, titled ‘Certified Wood for a Sustainable Future, in Gurgaon. The exclusive event, which took place at Le Méridien, brought together industry experts and furniture buying houses to discuss the ecological and practical benefits of Canadian Wood species in furniture manufacturing and design and why it made sound sense to incorporate it in the industry.


The seminar featured insightful presentations from esteemed speakers including Mr. Pranesh Chhibber, Country Director of Canadian Wood and Dr. Jimmy Thomas, Assistant Director-Technical Services, Canadian Wood, both distinguished experts from the organisation. Mr. Pranesh Chhibber shared his expertise on the environmental advantages and durability of Canadian Wood, emphasising its role in fostering sustainable practices within the industry, he also emphasized on some important wood certification bodies around like the world like PEFC and FSC. Dr Jimmy Thomas, on the other hand, delved into the technical aspects and innovative applications of Canadian Wood species, highlighting its versatility and suitability for various architectural projects. It was an enlightening session for the attendees, who walked about with invaluable insights into responsibly sourced wood and its impact on environment and health.


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In addition to this, Mr. Rambeer Singh Yadav, Assistant Director-Business Development, Canadian Wood provided valuable insights into the five distinct wood species from B.C. Canada with its wide range of versatile applications in a very visually oriented presentation where the products were made by Manufacturers in India across the region.



Mr. Pranesh Chhibber, Country Director of Canadian Wood shared, "In the heart of India's bustling woodworking hubs, Canadian Wood serves not just as a supplier, but as a beacon of education, and support. Our mission extends beyond transactions; it's about empowering manufacturers with the tools and insights to elevate their craft. As we navigate the complexities of a fragmented industry, our network of stockists stands ready to meet the diverse needs of every player, ensuring accessibility without compromise. Together, we embark on a shared journey towards sustainability and innovation, where every choice echoes our commitment to the planet and future generations. In the symphony of craftsmanship and conservation, Canadian Wood orchestrates a harmonious blend of tradition, technology, and stewardship, heralding a new era where every piece of wood tells a story of resilience and responsibility.”



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Dr. Jimmy Thomas from Canadian Wood, said, "Through my journey with Canadian Wood since 2016, I've witnessed first-hand the unparalleled diversity and quality of timber available from Canada's forests. In a marketplace where options may seem limited, Canada stands as a beacon of variety, offering five distinct species suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our timber, sourced from certified and sustainable forests, boasts maturity and stability, ensuring enduring service unlike any other. Beyond mere appearance or weight, the true essence of wood lies in its intricate structure, where the presence or absence of pores determines its classification as hardwood or softwood. In this complexity lies the beauty and resilience of timber- a testament to nature's craftsmanship and our commitment to stewardship.” 



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Mr. Rambeer Singh Yadav, Canadian Wood added, "In the vast forest tapestry of British Columbia, Canada, lies a treasure trove of timber species coveted by the export market. From the majestic Western Hemlock to the resilient Yellow Cedar, these species of Canadian Wood not only grace furniture and facades but also withstand the rigors of outdoor climates. In their age, from the youthful SPF to the venerable Douglas Fir, each species tells a story of resilience and natural beauty, making them not just materials, but timeless companions in craftsmanship."



The seminar not only provided a dynamic platform for analysing sustainable wood as a catalyst for a greener future but showcased the pivotal role wood can play in fostering sustainability in every aspect of life.



FII largely promotes five wood species in India that are sourced from the sustainably managed forests of B.C. Canada. These five species, namely Douglas, Western Hemlock, Western Red Cedar, Yellow Cedar and Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF), are recommended for different applications. They are available in 17 cities across India through a strong network of 29+ stockists. 


About the Company


FII India is a crown corporation of the government of British Columbia (B.C.), the western most province of Canada. Its mandate is to promote wood products from B.C. Canada in the offshore markets and to position it as a global supplier of quality, environmentally responsible wood products from sustainably managed forests by creating awareness, spreading education through information and technical support on the wide variety of timber products available from B.C. Canada. Its brand/logo Canadian Wood was established in 2013 to reach out to the ease of understanding of its activities by its target audience globally.


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