This Duo Leaves Lucrative IT Careers to Fulfill Dream of Senior Living Community

In a remarkable career pivot, Anantharam V Varayur and Sumathy Varayur, a dynamic husband-wife duo, have embarked on a transformative journey from the corridors of IT success to the heart of the senior living community sector.


Anantharam, a pioneering figure in the Information Technology landscape, founded Webcom Information Technology in 1989, leaving an indelible mark with innovative networking solutions utilized by numerous power plants and defense establishments across India. However, amidst his professional triumphs, a deeper calling beckoned- an aspiration to create nurturing environments for seniors, rooted in genuine human connections.


Sumathy, his partner in life and now in entrepreneurship, shared his vision. As they traversed their careers, experiences with aging parents and familial dynamics illuminated the need for inclusive spaces catering to the evolving needs of seniors. It was this shared vision that propelled them towards their next endeavor.


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Their journey took a significant turn when they crossed paths with seasoned professional Mr. Mangalchand Jain and Mr. Kushal Ramesh. Together, they envisioned and brought to fruition Manasum  Avignha, a luxurious retirement community in South Bangalore. Far from just a residence design, it was designed as a sanctuary of comfort and care, epitomizing their commitment to holistic well-being for seniors.


Mr. Kushal has brought a wealth of experience in planning exclusive marketing strategies from diverse sectors. He skillfully merges industry insights with creative innovation to effectively captivate target audiences. Kushal's  ethos, complemented by his adept communication skills and unwavering pursuit of excellence, positions him as a trusted ally in navigating the dynamic real estate market. Fueled by a relentless dedication to staying ahead of industry trends.


The success of Manasum Avignha emboldened the duo, leading to further ventures that blended modern amenities with timeless values of community and togetherness. One such project, the intergenerational community at Godrej Royal Woods, showcased their dedication to innovation in the sector.


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However, Anantharam and Sumathy's vision extended beyond Bangalore's borders. Partnering with Prescon, a renowned builder from Mumbai, they brought to life IKIGAI Goa, a prestigious senior living project nestled amidst the tranquil beauty of North Goa. This expansion represented not only a geographical reach but also a deepening commitment to their mission.


Looking forward, the Varayurs remain steadfast in their commitment to redefining senior living. With plans to develop 2500 units within the next two years, their vision encompasses communities where seniors can thrive, embracing dignity, purpose, and joy.


In a statement reflecting their journey, Anantharam expressed, "Our path isn't just about erecting structures; it's about fostering communities where seniors can live with fulfillment and happiness."


Their endeavor marks a testament to the transformative power of following one's heart, leaving behind comfort and certainty to pursue a dream close to their hearts- the dream of enriching the lives of seniors and creating spaces where they can flourish.


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About the Company

Manasum Senior Living stands as a beacon of luxury retirement communities, dedicated to crafting enriching lifestyles for seniors. With a commitment to redefining senior living, Manasum has emerged as the premier luxury senior living community in Bangalore, with acclaimed projects like Manasum Avighna and Banyan. Partnering with trusted allies like Prescon Homes Pvt Ltd, Manasum continues to innovate and inspire, setting new benchmarks in senior-centric services and design excellence.


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