LX hausys BENIF Interior Film Makes Your Surfaces Safe From Microbial Particles

LX hausys Interior Film 'BENIF' is a decorative self-adhesive film, revolutionizing interior spaces one pattern at a time. It is a 0.2mm (200 microns) thick PVC sheet available in roll form (30m/50m). The film can be folded (using heat gun) around the edges which gives it array of applications including furniture (and objects) wrapping. The film can be applied on plain surface using LG primer such as Bison board, Metal, Gypsum board, Ply board, Particle board and more.



Applications: Wall covering, Louvre wrap, Fall ceiling, Lift interiors, Partitions, Object wrapping such as Table top, Chair, Decorative boxes etc.
Alternative: The film can be used as a substitute to Wall covering, Veneer and, Laminates.
USP:  It's a foldable film (around the edges) therefore, can be used for furniture wrapping unlike any other substitutes.
Benefits: Eco-friendly, Anti-bacteria, Chemical free, easy to clean and maintain.
Patterns: Available in over 150 patterns - Wooden, Marble, Solid, Metal and, Fancy. 
Links: Interior Film e-catalogue: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1LbwQJFgee2ui8lqITABxS-1DJQ2kBleP?usp=sharing
Interior Film 'BENIF' online brochure:  (https://www.lxhausys.com/BENIF/en/)

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