Asian Granito India Ltd. Strengthens Its Presence in Hyderabad

Asian Granito India Limited (AGL), a leading brand in luxury surface products like tiles, marbles, quartz, and bathware solutions, has opened a 3,000 square foot company display showroom in the bustling Hyderabad market to highlight the company's production, technological, and innovative excellence all in one location. 


With the changing architectural and design trends, there is a change in the market trends of surface aesthetics too. The showroom will feature the complete line of luxury tiles and surfaces, including more than 700 Glazed Vitrified tiles and Grand Slabs in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes, all housed under one roof.


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The brand has grown to over 14,000 touchpoints including dealer & sub-dealer network; 235+ exclusive franchisee. As the company continues to manufacture and market a wide range of tiles, engineered marble and quartz, sanitaryware and faucets with this tiles showroom in India, it has also embarked on a journey of enhanced strategic integration programme (ESIP) to achieve a long-term vision of achieving a total revenue of Rs. 6,000 crores. 


The Spatial Distribution

This 3000 square foot display showroom will be the company's second in Hyderabad, India, a major center for IT and pharmaceuticals.


The overall tile showroom idea of this Hyderabad showroom aims to add a style statement that delivers a niche class of luxury and style and is expected to satisfy all the needs of architects and home builders.


On December 11, 2023, the showroom was officially opened by Mr. Kamlesh Patel (Chairman and Managing Director) and Mr. Shaunak Patel (Associate Director) in the presence of the senior leadership team of the Asian Granito India Ltd.


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The showroom features lavish surfaces that allow visitors to see the latest designs in slabs and tiles. Asian Granito has 2,942 plus SKUs on offer in Tiles segment, 1,100 plus SKUs in Bathware and faucets and 126 plus SKUs in Engineered Marble and Quartz Stone. 


Here’s from the Team

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Kamlesh Patel, Chairman and Managing Director, Asian Granito India Ltd said that the display showroom is set to revolutionize the tile shopping experience, offering a new standard of design richness and visual immersion. The newly introduced GVT collection by Asian Granito boasts a cutting-edge and stylish design, presenting a futuristic collection that caters to the preferences of architects and interior designers. Trusted for reliability, adaptability, innovation, and commitment to quality, company has established a formidable global brand identity.


The company has made strategic investments over the years to increase its production capacity, product line, distribution system, and worldwide reach. Due to this commitment, the company has been able to maintain steady growth, making it one of the top producers of ceramic tiles in India and a rising star in the international market.  


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Renowned for its refined taste and aesthetic discernment, Hyderabad market inspires us to meet the discerning needs of its residents, architects and home builders.” as said by Mr. Shaunak Patel, Associate, Asian Granito India Ltd. He further added that the showroom is poised to enhance the company's presence in the local Hyderabad market, consolidating its market share with the goal of becoming the ultimate destination for premium tile collections in the city. In the coming time, the company will be opening more showrooms and strengthening its dealer-distributor network in the state with an aim to become top player in the Hyderabad market. 


Achievement & Objective


With just two decades of presence in the market, Asian Granito India Ltd. has become India's top brand for Luxury Surfaces and Bathware Solutions with this outlet being the best tiles showroom in India. The company produces and sells a variety of tiles, faucets, sanitaryware, engineered marble, and quartz. The company has 11 company-owned display centers, 235 exclusive franchisee showrooms, and a vast marketing and distribution network spanning across India with more than 14,000 touchpoints, including distributors, dealers, and sub-dealers. Additionally, the company exports to over 100 different countries, which is a matter of pride amongst all other Indian businesses. 


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