Celebrating Nature's Elegance: Canadian Douglas-Fir Wood Transforms Nativ Restaurant in Pune

Nativ Restaurant

Nativ Restaurant--located in the lively suburb of Baner in Pune--underwent a stunning transformation led by architects Shamna and Wojciech Stranc. This remarkable project seamlessly integrates architecture, interior design, product design, and landscape design, resulting in an enchanting dining experience. Notably, Douglas-fir, from among the Canadian Wood species, played a pivotal role in enhancing the restaurant's aesthetic appeal and ambience.


The architects gave great importance to selecting the right materials to bring their vision to life, thus the sustainably-harvested Canadian Wood emerged as the natural choice due to its responsible sourcing, durability, and high aesthetic value. Having prior experience with Canadian Wood in small scale projects, Shamna and Wojciech knew about its favourable qualities. To ensure the best outcome, the design team closely collaborated with FII India, benefiting from their expertise and guidance on different wood species and their suitable applications.


The rich and inviting ambience created by these solid wood elements added a touch of sophistication to the space, significantly elevating the dining experience for patrons. The wooden décor of the restaurant was largely dominated by Douglas-fir as it was chosen for various applications, including interior fit-outs, dining tables, chairs, and a striking staircase. The extensive use of Douglas-fir not only showcased its durability, but also emphasised its contribution to sustainable design practices.


Nativ Restaurant


The results of the project surpassed expectations, with the furniture's design and manufacturing quality receiving high praise. The wood materials used in the project were sourced from DS Global Trade--a local stockist located in Pune. The project now serves as a testament to the advantages of biophilic design, incorporating natural materials and plant features to create an environment that feels healthy, relaxing, and inspiring.


Nativ Restaurant stands as an extraordinary showcase of the innovative design possibilities offered by wood products that have been sourced from the sustainably-managed forests of British Columbia (BC). It beautifully exemplifies the timeless beauty and enduring appeal of wood in architectural and interior design. Furthermore, it sets the stage for future collaborations and design innovations, inspiring others to recognize the remarkable impact that wood can have on transforming a space.




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