PM Modi Inaugurates the Maharishi Valmiki International Airport in Ayodhya

Maharishi Valmiki International Airport

Maharishi Valmiki International Airport in Ayodhya was officially opened by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday. Governor Anandiben Patel and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath of Uttar Pradesh welcomed the Prime Minister when he arrived in the temple town of Ayodhya. 


PM Modi launched the renovated Ayodhya railway station and virtually flagged off two Amrit Bharat and six Vande Bharat trains before the airport.


The Darbhanga-Ayodhya-Anand Vihar Terminal Amrit Bharat Express and the Malda Town-Sir M Visvesvaraya Terminus (Bengaluru) Amrit Bharat Express are the two new Amrit Bharat trains. The Vande Bharat Express is comprised of six trains: the Jalna-Mumbai Vande Bharat Express, the Ayodhya-Anand Vihar Terminal Vande Bharat Express, the Mangalore-Madgaon Vande Bharat Express, the Coimbatore-Bangalore Cantt Vande Bharat Express, the Amritsar-Delhi Vande Bharat Express, and the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra-New Delhi Vande Bharat Express. 


Maharishi Valmiki International Airport

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A few weeks before the Ram Temple's grand consecration ceremony on January 22, PM Modi makes his visit. 

Our government is determined to develop world-class infrastructure, improve connectivity and preserve the rich heritage of Ayodhya, the city of Lord Shri Ram.  PM Modi mentioned the privilege of inaugurating and laying the foundation stone of many more development projects, which will make the life of my family members in many areas of the country, including Ayodhya and UP, easier. 


The airport's 6500 square meter terminal building will be able to accommodate roughly 10 lakh passengers a year. Many sustainable features, including an insulated roofing system, LED lighting, rainwater harvesting, fountain-filled landscaping, a water treatment plant, a sewage treatment plant, a solar power plant, and many more, have been installed in the terminal building of Ayodhya Airport in order to achieve GRIHA 5-star ratings. The Ayodhya airport has an extended runway suitable for A-321/B-737 type aircraft operations. The commercial services are expected to start on January 6. 


Another important factor is the installation of solar rooftops at the Airport. Jakson Group, a provider of energy and infrastructure solutions, announced on Tuesday that it had installed a 250 kW solar rooftop system at the Maharishi Valmiki International Airport in Ayodhya. A company statement stated that Jakson Group has also provided the airport with three 500 KVA best-in-class diesel generators, guaranteeing a dependable power backup system.


Jakson Group has assured commitment to comprehensive energy solutions, contributes significantly to the success and seamless operation of the recently opened airport in Ayodhya, and represents a significant advancement in the infrastructure and sustainable growth of the area.


According to the company, it has successfully installed a 250 kW solar rooftop at the airport, promoting sustainable energy use in accordance with the operational requirements of the airport.


At Ayodhya Dham, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi today dedicated, launched, and laid the groundwork for several development projects totaling over Rs 15,700 crore. Approximately Rs 11,100 crore of these projects are for the development of Ayodhya and its environs, and approximately Rs 4600 crore are for other projects throughout Uttar Pradesh.


The prime minister emphasized that maintaining cultural assets is essential to reaching new heights in development. "Today's India is moving while incorporating both ancient and modern," he said, elaborating on the point with comparisons between the magnificent Ram temple and the pucca houses for 4 crore impoverished citizens; the restoration of places of worship and advancements in Digital India; the redevelopment of Kedar Dham and its more than 315 medical colleges; the rebirth of Mahakaal Mahalok and Har Ghar Jal; and the accomplishments in space and the ocean with the return of heritage artifacts from overseas.


Maharishi Valmiki International Airport

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All 140 crore Indians are asked to light Shri Ram Jyoti by the Prime Minister. PM Modi stated, "We need to adopt a new resolution for the nation and give it fresh vitality. The Prime Minister also asked everyone to schedule their trip to Ayodhya only after the program on January 22nd, as it is significant from the standpoint of security and arrangements, keeping in mind everyone's wish to be present for Pran Pratishtha. He requested that everyone schedule their visit for after January 23. "Wait a little longer; we've been waiting for 550 years," he asked.


The Maharishi Valmiki International Airport is anticipated to have a revolutionary impact on the economy of Ayodhya. It will improve connectivity to other regions of India and the world, increase employment opportunities, and promote tourism. This will ultimately lead to the prosperity of the entire city by attracting investments and stimulating the development of infrastructure.


Maharishi Valmiki International Airport

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The airport is extremely important culturally in addition to being economically significant. It will make it simpler for pilgrims and religious tourists to get to Ayodhya, enhancing its status as a spiritual hub. The timeless story of the Ramayana is now woven into the contemporary facilities of the airport, providing a potent reminder of Ayodhya's enduring allure.


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