Latest Wall Panel Trends You Need to Know!

wall panels

One of the simplest ways to improve the appearance of a room apart from furniture, there is a look of wall too. Additionally, wall panel designs can make your plain walls look stunning! Though wall paint and wallpaper are more popular choices for adorning walls, wall panel design ideas are worth considering if you're looking for something different.


Panels are various materials that can be adhered to a wall in order to form a specific design. Common materials consist of plywood, glass, veneer, and wood.


People still  search for interior design ideas for the home decor that go beyond simple walls, shelves  and embellished wallpaper. Modern architecture is all the rage when it comes to wall paneling, and it truly deserves all the praise. It's one of the most well-liked methods for covering up construction flaws or updating a dark corner of your house. Because wall paneling materials are applied to the walls as an additional layer, they are far more durable than wallpaper.


Fabricated Panels 

Given their exquisite appearance, upholstered panels are swiftly overtaking other interior design trends as the most in-demand trend for homes. These wall panels function as acoustic wall panels in addition to softening the appearance of your space. A multitude of materials and hues can be used to create upholstered wall panels. Additionally, they can be tufted to produce various patterns and give your walls a distinctive look which also serves the advantage of acoustic wall panel designs.


Any tufting in the upholstered wall panels provide a luxurious aesthetic while preventing voice echo and enhancing the listening experience by absorbing sound.


wall panels


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Mirror Panels 

Among the most intriguing materials for wall paneling are mirrors. Although they have long been used as decorations, their allure is enhanced when they are utilized as wall panels. Mirror panels replicate the view, giving any space an instant sense of depth and elongation. A wall can be made to look much better by simply adding high-quality floor to ceiling mirror panels.


wall panels


Glass Panels

When trying to create the illusion of more light and space in a room, glass is a great material for wall panel decor ideas. Glass panels are also very popular because they can divide two areas without the need for walls. For a fashionable appearance, glass panels can be back painted, frosted, tinted, or plain. To create an upscale, contemporary bathroom, lacquered glass accented with gold is covered on the walls. Glass panel in the bathroom makes it look larger and brighter due to the glass wall's reflection of the lighting in the space. It also works well to shield the bathroom drywall because it is impervious to moisture and water. 


wall panels


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Natural Wooden Panels

Natural wood, one of the most opulent-looking materials for interior wall panels, may quickly create a cozy, warm atmosphere in a space. Natural solid wood can be used to create a wide range of interesting panel designs, but using it in large spaces can get very expensive. Wall panels made of natural wood are an excellent option for soundproofing a space.They are also acoustics, for which they are used in theaters or home lounges, making the movies enjoyable.


wall panels


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PVC Panels

PVC panels give the appearance of smooth, modern walls in  home decor. They are also reasonably priced, lightweight, and simple to clean! They are available in an endless variety of patterns, hues, textures, and finishes. Because PVC wall panels are composed of polyvinyl chloride, they are safe from termite and mold infestation as well as weather variations. PVC panels are a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms because of their exceptional resistance to moisture and humidity. This is by far their greatest benefit of wall paneling design at home. PVC panels are also completely recyclable, making them a sustainable option.


wall panels


Wall panels are very affordable and available in a variety of prices. Without going over budget, there are a ton of stylish options available to add flair to the interiors of your home. BMR suggests some amazing range of products from different brands and styling options for your space that can enhance your design ethics. 

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