Shaw Contract Introduces The Shifting Fields Collection

Global flooring manufacturer and leader in commercial design, innovation, and sustainability 'Shaw Contract' introduces Shifting Fields collection in India. It is a collection that reflects the changing nature of our landscapes, and captures our need to adapt gracefully and design for ever-shifting environments. The collection provides a biophilic flooring solution that helps define space by creating transitions, zoning, visual cues and boundaries.

Each tile in the collection is a design experience. It is inspired by earth and stone, by horizon lines of land and water, by transitions between grasslands and forests, by the organic structure of overlapping vegetation.

Made with the sustainable and healthy EcoWorx® backing, Shifting Fields is designed with circularity in mind, a rigorous framework for environmental and social responsibility to positively impact people and our planet.

The Shifting Fields collection comes in two sizes: 18"x36" and 9"x36" tiles. Styles include Enclave, Landing, Landing Edge, Plains and Vista tiles. It is designed to leverage different patterns, styles and sizes to fit different zones, while improving spatial definition.

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