In Conversation with Viorel Acsinte, Nishant Upadhyay from Dharatal

Viorel Acsinte & Nishant Upadhyay are founders of Dharatal, an Indo-European design collective with a focus on local communities, their heritage and landscapes. Here is an exclusive BMR interview with Dharatal's team, featuring an in-depth discussion of conservation, culture, climate, and ecology through a varied variety of activities, spanning from…

  • Posted by: Priyanshi Shah on September 18, 2023
An Intimate Conversation with Architectural Journalist Apurva Bose Dutta

Whether you're a fellow architectural enthusiast seeking deeper understanding or a writer intrigued by the intersection of disciplines, this BMR interview holds promises of inspiration and insight. So, check out our latest interview as Ar. Priyanshi shah traverses the corridors of creativity and explores the foundations of architectural storytelling with…

  • Posted by: Ar. Priyanshi Shah on August 21, 2023
Building a Sustainable Future SHiFT Studio - Ar.Sanjay Prakash & Ar.Mayank Mishra

In this BMR Interview focusing on a sustainable future, Ar. Priyanshi Shah unravels the journey that has led Ar. Sanjay Prakash and Ar. Mayank Mishra, SHiFT Studio to become a driving force in the architecture fraternity. From humble beginnings to remarkable achievements, we will gain valuable insights into the mindset,…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on August 19, 2023
In Conversation with Vinu Daniel--the Architect behind Many Stunning Structures Built With Mud & Brick!

Vinu Daniel--the founder of the award-winning architecture practice Wallmakers in Trivandrum-- creates poetic constructions out of mud and brick. BUILDING MATERIAL REPORTER enables the exchange of design processes, academic methods, ideas, and entities in the context of architecture and design. Ar. Priyanshi Shah spoke with him recently and the latter…

  • Posted by: Ar. Priyanshi Shah on July 8, 2023
Fusion Access: Intangible Tale of Entities

We pursue our dreams and reach our goals sometimes in homes where we were born and sometimes in homes we build far from home. A home is a concept that never changes. Regardless of the address, it remains our sacred space. Our home is where we keep our belongings, rest…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on March 10, 2023
Vaissnavi Shukl: A Visionary Architect

A passionate promoter of architectural dialogue, Vaissnavi hosts the podcast Architecture Off-Centre, highlighting unconventional design practices and research projects that reflect emerging discourses within and beyond the design discipline. Our curiosity was piqued, and we met the designer to learn more about her magical thinking and maneuvers. BMR team interviewed…

  • Posted by: Editorial Team on February 1, 2023