A Store So Artful By "Timmy Dang"

The word ‘artful’ attributes the beautifully describes this design studio as the team infuses art in their projects. Each & every single space they design has inspiration in its character. If we defined an art, we think of an architect but here in Artful we believe that every single person who is involved in project weather it’s our Carpenters, Painters, Carvers, Visualisers, Draftsmen all are artist in themselves. We dream of putting India on top, in the artist map of the World. In India, at a large chunk most of the artists are unrecognised and underestimated as lower paybacks. But we dream of having Indian artists at a big platform. We always show temptations for Italian, Western Labels for Clothing and Designing than spends crores, but here we wish to have a reversal of these trends by making Indian Designs & products at World Standards.

‘This is Artful by Timmy Dang’ studio revolves around the Designing objects. Our existence is from last 20 years with deep roots in Graphic Designs, with a vision to give a perfect identity to our every single project, which we had done sincerely and pushed our limits beyond visuals, this made our way towards Bespoke Interiors, Luxury Furniture & Architecture. Since our Inception, we designed each & every project with its own identity, which makes us remarkable. Our projects diversified into Retail, Commercial Spaces, Luxury Homes, in-house designed & manufactured Bespoke Furniture. Most of our projects are Award Winning from International as well as Domestic media houses & Organizations.


Architect in Ludhiana


we are the blend of inspiration for designers around the World. Every single element is made and conceptualized by research & practical thoughts. Our in-house artisans like painters, carvers, woodworkers, Interior Designers, Architects & Furnishers work hard to create masterpieces. Our projects considered as top-rated, among buyers like commercial, posh residential & premium segment home interior, furniture, Home Decors, Ornamental Lightings to cater the demand in the best way, we are planning to expand our footprints with the experience centres cum sales outlet across the country with all-in-one house customization facilities.  

The Man behind: Designer by nature & obsessed with creativity, Timmy Dang always lives around the designer objects within his surroundings. And says that “A true designer always has the ability to design the real objects, whether it’s environment or an interior concepts like Furniture, Products, Fashion, Packaging and off-course Graphics”. Currently he is working on his dream by creating theme-based Luxury interior environments, tailored Furniture, Astonishing Architecture.

What we have in our Portfolio?

Luxury Interiors 'This is artful' revolves around art, Luxury Interiors part. Our strong sense of design always come out with a wow factor in every part of Interiors.

Residence Architecture: Today, every single house is unique & need some remarkable architecture, so, we truly dedicate our work to make every project as a dream home.

Furniture: We design furniture on-demand with the bespoke requirements of the clients. Whether it's residential or a commercial project, our team make empirical furniture with magnificent designs.

Lighting: We fabricate lighting on demand. Till now, our every single project which involved lighting is done with custom-made lights according to the desired ambience. We are also planning to tie-up with some brands for unique lighting designs.

Brand Communication: Branding is in our blood from decades. We have been successfully a brand creator from years. Weather it includes building of brand logo, identity design, brand communication or advertising, we emerge to be a successful brand maker.